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Conleth Kane's break-up inspired latest song 'I Wonder'

By Ali Gordon

Conleth Kane has thankfully never had to hide his sexuality — unlike some of his chart-topping icons.

The former Casualty star from Lurgan last week released his latest song, I Wonder, which is about his ex-boyfriend.

“I’ve no qualms with putting my music out there and saying that it’s about my ex-boyfriend,” Conleth told Sunday Life.

“Back in the day, George Michael and Barry Manilow had to pretend that they were writing about their ex-girlfriends.

“It was only in their later careers where they were able to come out, which is really sad.

“I prefer to be myself and not have to hide behind any sort of mask. It’s great that we have people like Sam Smith and other artists who have launched their careers as themselves.”

At the 2015 Grammy Awards, Writing’s On The Wall singer Smith thanked his ex-boyfriend for breaking his heart the previous year “because you got me four Grammys”.

Conleth said: “The beauty of I Wonder is that I wrote this song on a bus at a low point in my life.

“I was meeting a friend in north London but there was a problem on the tube, so I got on a bus replacement service. I was writing and singing it into my phone while on this crowded bus.

“It’s weird to think that all this can happen from a little brainstorm on a bus journey.

“What he did to me was horrible. To be told that you’re the most important person in someone’s life and then the next day, you’re pushed out with no explanation or contact. It felt like my ex-partner had died.

“Now if I ever saw him, I’d walk past him with my head held very high. He messed around with the wrong person.”

Available to buy on iTunes, I Wonder has proved to be the perfect anniversary present for 33-year-old Conleth.

He said: “I Wonder is a massive celebration for me because, when I released it, my head was still in the sand over my ex.

“We got together on the release date (May 1) so before I’d probably have dreaded the date, but now I have this really cool song that is doing really well and I’ve turned what should have been a celebration into another type of celebration.

“There were days when I woke up and he was my first thought and that happened for about three months. I went on holiday and lay on the beach and he was all I thought about. Let’s face it, everyone wonders about their ex, no matter who they are. So really I just wrote down what everyone was thinking. I put all that negativity and heartache into something positive and I’m very proud of it.”

It’s been a busy few weeks for Conleth, who has been offered a number of exciting opportunities since appearing as a guest on Gaby Roslyn’s BBC Radio London show back in March.

His rising profile has also helped him fly the flag overseas for the LGBT community in Northern Ireland.

He said: “I’ve just been booked for London Pride and to be a Northern Irish representative for the LGBT community there is a huge honour. It’s the biggest LGBT party in the world.

“I can’t wait for the day when Northern Ireland joins the rest of the UK and the Republic of Ireland in not treating me like a second class citizen by blocking equal marriage. I would love to get married at home, or at least have the option if I met the right person, I don’t think it’s too much to ask.”

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