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Coronavirus pandemic puts brakes on Derry Girls' third series

Derry Girls

Filming of the third series of Derry Girls has been put on hold because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Jamie Lee O'Donnell, who plays Michelle on the Channel 4 comedy, said the stars were playing it by ear with regards to their other projects since learning of the delay.

"We were due to film the third season next week, but that's obviously been put off," she added.

"The priority (with work) would be things that have been missed and rescheduled and maybe things that are ongoing like Emmerdale."

The 33-year-old was shooting a film called Redeeming Love in South Africa before lockdown and was glad to get back home to Londonderry.

Speaking to the Tea With Me podcast with Shane Todd, she said: "I'm in Derry at the moment. I'm back home because my sister had a baby a few weeks ago - she had a wee girl.

"I haven't physically seen her properly, but she came past in the car with the window up, which was a bit strange, but it's nice to be home and just nice to be somewhere familiar with all the madness that's going on.

"I was filming in South Africa about a week before the lockdown actually happened. It was all sort of talked about, but there wasn't any big measures in place. It was still sort of like, 'Is this going to spread? Is this that big of a deal?'

"I got home, then five days later the lockdown happened. I think they got it (the film) done, lucky enough."

Jamie's film is an adaptation of a novel by Francine Rivers set during the 1850s gold rush in California and inspired by the Book of Hosea from the Bible.

"I play a prostitute in it," Jamie said. "Actually, when I got the part I was telling my friends and they were like 'yup'.

"They wanted a Derry accent. I did the audition with two - an American accent and a Derry accent.

"They (the film's producers) wanted to keep me Irish... It's such a naturally beautiful accent."

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