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Court told that Provisional IRA behind dissident attack in Londonderry

By Ciaran Barnes

The Provisional IRA has been accused in court of carrying out a 2010 shooting in Derry city that was claimed by a republican splinter group.

The kneecapping on Cable Street in the Bogside area came five years after the group announced it had decommissioned its weapons and 13 years after its 1997 ceasefire.

The claim by a Public Prosecution Service (PPS) lawyer could have political consequences as Sinn Fein was part of the power-sharing government at the time with four ministers.

TUV leader Jim Allister said last night: “It is imperative that we have clarity as to the role of the Provos in this shooting.

“In 2010 the DUP had already entered government with  Sinn Fein/IRA on the premise that the IRA was out of business and their weapons decommissioned. Yet here we have a suggestion of another IRA shooting.

“The Chief Constable needs to definitely state what role the military wing of Sinn Fein had in this incident.”

 Details about how the Provos carried out the 2010 shooting — which was claimed by Republican Action Against Drugs (RAAD) — were outlined in Newry Magistrates’ Court last week.

An alleged Continuity IRA member, 34-year-old Darren Gleeson, from Corduff Green in Dublin, was seeking bail on four terror charges.

He wanted to be allowed to live at a home owned by his aunt on Cable Street in Derry city.

A prosecutor said the address would not be suitable as Gleeson’s cousin was kneecapped there by the Provos in April 2010. He explained how three men, who it was again stated were from the Provisional IRA, entered the property wearing balaclavas.

“One of the men went upstairs where the injured party was located. An attempt to shoot the injured party was made, but the gun jammed. A third male was called upstairs and shot the injured party in the right leg.”

Three days after the punishment-style attack splinter group RAAD claimed responsibility and warned the shooting victim to leave the country and threatened to kill anyone selling drugs.

It added: “Any anti-social gangs of individuals should now be under no illusion that the next knock on their door could very well be their last.”

Splinter group RAAD — which amalgamated with the Real IRA in 2012 to form the New IRA — was always suspected of being a Provo front group.

Not only was it made up of ex-PIRA members it also revealed in media interviews that it supported the Good Friday Agreement and peace process.

Statements made in court by a PPS lawyer that the Provos carried out the 2010 Cable Street shooting in Derry, which was claimed by RAAD, will add to the belief that both groups were one and the same.

However, this has been strongly denied by a Sinn Fein spokesman, who said: “The IRA stood down in July 2005. They have left the scene. They no longer exist. The shooting referred to was claimed by the dissident vigilante group RAAD.”

Between 2009 and 2012 RAAD carried out dozens of shootings, pipe-bombings and beatings across Derry, Tyrone and Donegal including the  murder of Andrew Allen. Former PIRA member Brian McFadden, whose two nephews were kneecapped by RAAD, described it as a vigilante gang set up by the Provos. He said: “I know for a fact, as an ex-member of the IRA myself, this group was formed by the Provisional movement. Sinn Fein created this monster and they need to come back here and sort it out.”

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