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Criminal goes into hiding after learning he tops UVF death list

EXCLUSIVE: Belfast man flees after he is targeted by thugs who shot blonde

A career criminal has gone into hiding fearing an attack by the UVF thugs who callously shot Jemma McGrath six times.

Terrified Stewarty Charlesworth has been warned that the terror bosses who falsely accused Jemma of giving a pal the Ecstasy type pills which caused his death are also after him.

Charlesworth, 43, - a friend of Jemma - has publicly denied any involvement in the drugs trade.

The self-confessed criminal has now abandoned his flat in Belfast's Belvoir estate.

Pretty 24-year-old Jemma McGrath was accused by the UVF of giving Alio McKenzie, 26, the drugs that led to the young bar manager’s death during an east Belfast house party in June. Alio McKenzie was the son of former UVF boss Alan ‘Bloodnut' McKenzie who now lives in Spain.

Blonde Jemma was shot in the stomach, elbow, thighs and foot by cowardly UVF gunmen as she called to a friend's home off the Beersbridge Road — police are treating the barbaric attack as a murder bid.

The care worker is still in a serious but stable condition in the intensive care unit of Belfast's Royal Victoria Hospital.

The injuries to her legs are so bad that she faces months in a wheelchair.

While Jemma takes her first steps on the road to recovery, Stewarty Charlesworth, a former pal of murdered UVF chief Jim Gray, is living in fear of being attacked.


Charlesworth, who appeared in Downpatrick Crown Court last Tuesday to plead guilty to six fraud charges totalling thousands of pounds, has since quit his flat in the Belvoir estate.

Sources say that he is frightened after learning he tops a UVF death list.

Sunday Life called to Charlesworth's home on Friday but he was not around.

The lock on the front door of the property was broken and neighbours said they had not seen him in days.

“Stewarty Charlesworth's name is at the top of a UVF hit-list,” said a source.

“He's gone into hiding because he's terrified of getting shot like Jemma McGrath.”

This is not the first time Charlesworth has been in fear of loyalists.

In 2007 he spoke to Sunday Life to deny involvement in the drugs trade after a family member's east Belfast home was attacked by the UDA.

A frightened Charlesworth said: “The UDA leader has accused me of being a drug dealer and of robbing a toy shop, but this is totally untrue.

“They know I am not involved in drugs and they are just saying this because they want me dead.

“They told me if I gave them money then everything would be fine, but I don't have any money.

“I admit I have other convictions, but I am no drug dealer.”

In the wake of the threats Charlesworth fled east Belfast.


He had returned to the area but last week's attack on the conman's young friend Jemma McGrath has him frightened.

The UVF wrongly blamed the party-loving blonde on giving Alio McKenzie the killer drugs because she was the last person he phoned before dying.

Knowing that the terror gang was on her tail Jemma fled her mother's home on Templemore Avenue and moved with her then boyfriend to a house in north Belfast.

But when their relationship

ended last month she returned to a friend's house on Lord Street Mews in east Belfast.

It was at this normally quiet cul-de-sac that the UVF shot her six times.

Jemma's mother Linda McGrath reacted furiously to the attack and demanded ex-husband Sammy Gray find out why her daughter was targeted.

Gray is a close pal of UVF east Belfast boss Stephen ‘Mackers' Matthews, who Jemma was in a relationship with when she was a teenager.

Knowing that Sunday Life was to reveal details of the affair and shooting in last weekend's edition UVF members in the east of the city were ordered to buy all copies of this newspaper from their local shops.

As a result many readers had to travel beyond their area to buy a copy.

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