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Dealer Gary ‘Goof’ Coleman gets confiscated £3,000 sparkler back


Gary Coleman

Gary Coleman

Gary Coleman

An ex-UDA drug baron’s wedding plans appear to be back on after a judge ordered the return of a £3,000 gold engagement ring the thug had bought his fiancee.

Gary ‘Goof’ Coleman had to postpone his nuptials when cops raided his plush pad in Belfast last summer.

But it was the 50 grams of class A cocaine that landed the loyalist in jail on remand for the last 12 months.

The 29-year-old was due to be sentenced on Wednesday but the judge said he wanted time to consider submissions as well as guideline cases before he passes sentence.

That hearing will take place later this month.

Originally from the Shankill but now officially listed on court papers as “no fixed abode,” Coleman had earlier pleaded guilty to possessing cocaine with intent to supply, possession of Pregabalin, receiving stolen goods and possessing and converting criminal property.

Acting under a warrant, cops raided his city centre apartment and seized 53 grams of cocaine, 44 Pregabalin tablets, £205 in cash, two luxury watches and the gold engagement ring.

Coleman had admitted converting £3,000 of criminal cash and having shoplifted items including a bottle of booze, men’s shirts and electric shavers.

In addition to facing a jail sentence for dealing cocaine, his sixth drug conviction, the authorities are also seeking a Serious Crime Prevention Order. 

They believe that putting restrictions on Coleman, who at one stage stepped up to take command of the Shankill UDA when his older brother Dee was scooped, will protect the public.

Amongst the conditions being sought is a limit on how much cash Coleman can have at any one time and also an order restricting him to having just a single mobile phone.

The judge ordered that a watch and the ring be returned to Coleman as they are considered of “sentimental value”.

However, the £205 which was seized is to be given to the charity Action Deaf Youth.

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