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Derry's 'Barbie with a brain' Ashleigh Coyle is big hit with Big Brother viewers

By Sara Girvin and Kelly Allen

Meet the Londonderry “Barbie with a brain” who is hoping her reality TV experience will set her on the road to stardom.

Former Miss Derry Ashleigh Coyle was an instant hit with viewers after entering the Big Brother House on Friday night wearing a little black dress and sparkly pink shoes — and will now spend her summer having her every move filmed for the hit Channel 5 reality show.

Having just finished her A-levels at Oakgrove Integrated College, the gorgeous 18-year-old who’s one of Northern Ireland’s most in-demand models is now sharing the famous house with 15 strangers including a woman who had a threesome involving England star Wayne Rooney.

Upon entering the house, Ashleigh bonded immediately with fellow Northern Ireland contestant, Enniskillen man Christopher Hall over a cup of tea.

The pair said they felt like they are “defending their country”.

Speaking to Sunday Life just hours before she entered the famous house, Ashleigh said she still had no idea why she was picked as a housemate.

“I know I’m not mad or crazy or anything and I’m not going to do anything stupid,” she said.

“Maybe they just want me to be the normal housemate that’s nice and fun.”

The 5ft 9 leggy beauty who is signed with CMPR models said her family has backed her decision to appear on the show, as has her student boyfriend of two-and-a-half-years, Sean Hutton who Ashleigh has pledged to stay faithful to during her time in the house.

“We are really serious,” she said.

“If there were any problems I wouldn’t be going in.

“I know and I can trust him and not being in contact with him.

“Cheating isn’t even an issue.”

The teen said most of her friends didn’t have a clue she was taking part in the show, revealing that she’d hopped on a plane to London last week just hours after helping to organise the Miss Derry 2014 event.

“Not many of my family know either,” she said.

“I told my two grannies before I came to London because they’d probably have a stroke if they saw me on TV!”

Ashleigh said she’d miss her mum Mary who she described as her “best friend” while she’s in the house, but added that she doesn’t have a relationship with her dad. “I wouldn’t care if he’s watching,” she said.

Despite her stunning good looks, beauty queen Ashleigh said she rarely wears make-up when she’s not working and would never have plastic surgery.

“I have been told I look like Barbie but I’m a smart Barbie,” she said.

“My nickname is Barbie with a brain.

“I would never have a boob job to look like a celebrity. I want to be a good role model and help girls with their confidence.”

While she describes herself as “fun and bubbly”, Ashleigh warned that she won’t let other housemates boss her about. “They may think because I’m younger that they can boss me about but I’m also there for a reason and am also very strong minded.

“I won’t let someone push me about because they’re twice my age.”

Asked if she could win the show, she said: “I don’t think I’m ruthless enough to win.

“It’s always the nice ones that win but sometimes I think I’m too nice.”

Ashleigh said her game plan for the show is to “be herself”, and added that she’ll remain grounded despite the attention Big Brother will bring.

“At the end of the day, it’s not like I’ll get obsessed stalkers,” she said.

“I’ll still have my group of friends and my boyfriend and family and they’re the only ones that matter to me. Having fans because of my looks wouldn’t even cross my mind.”

Hall about kiss ‘n’ tell, says Fermanagh's Chris

He's the “raving queen” who left his family’s farm in Enniskillen to become a journalist — and somehow found himself in the Big Brother house.

Christopher Hall, 23, turned down a job as a producer with news channel France 24 to become a housemate on the Channel 5 reality show.

Before entering the famous house on Thursday night, Christopher spoke to Sunday Life and claimed he has dated some well known people in politics.

“I’d love the 100 grand to be completely honest,” he said. “I would give £30k to an HIV/AIDS charity as I have a friend who lives with HIV.

“I’d love to take my mother away and the rest I’d love to try and invest in some journalism business project that I haven’t yet devised.”

The eldest of five boys, Christopher said he left Co Fermanagh and “f***ed off to the city” but added that he’s not the black sheep of the family. “We all get on really, really well, they just take the p*** about how I wouldn’t know a day’s work if it bit me on the arse.”

Describing himself as a “raving queen”, Christopher said he’d never had a relationship but did admit to dating some well known politicians.

“I’ve had a few dates with a few people who you might know,” he said.

“They work in politics.

“I’m still in contact with one of them, it doesn't mean I’ve slept with them, but I have contacts.”

While Christopher said he’d love to find himself a “sugar daddy”, he ruled out doing anything more than kissing on camera because he wouldn’t want to embarrass his mum.

“I wouldn’t do it because I think mummy will be watching,” he said.

“I have to live with her for the rest of my life so that would be a killer.

“I already get told off for the swearing and smoking.”

Christopher said his mum is supportive of his Big Brother stint, but revealed that she’s never actually watched an episode of the show.

“All she said was ‘Be nice’, all I got was ‘Be nice’.”

On what he’s going to miss most in the house, Christopher listed his freedom, his phone and coffee.

He added that he hopes to bring “a little bit of fun and honesty” to the Big Brother house.

“I’ll just be quite chatty,” he said.

“I’ll ask people their opinions, I’lI think I’ll be a little bit probing.”

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