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Dodgy Belfast botox boss is benefit cheat

Clinic owner in second brush with courts

Barbara Byne

This is the shamed beautician who fraudulently claimed housing benefit while running a dodgy Botox clinic.

Brazen Barbara Byne also lied about how much money she had so she could claim Jobseekers Allowance (JSA).

The 53-year-old fraudster is due to be sentenced at Belfast Crown Court tomorrow on seven benefit fraud charges. They range in date between May 2009 and January 2016 and all relate to Byne not declaring to the Social Security Agency and the Housing Executive that she had capital above the limit allowed for benefit claimants.

During the time covered by at least one of the charges, Byne was already running her Botox and beauty clinic, Skin Techniques Belfast.

Benefit fraudsters can face up to seven years in jail and or a fine when convicted at the Crown Court.

But her east Belfast-based business has already landed her in court when she was busted for illegally advertising and selling a powerful local anaesthetic.

In July 2017, Sunday Life revealed she had pleaded guilty to four charges under the Human Medicines Regulations at Belfast Departmental Magistrates Court.


One of the certificates on display at her shop which has since closed

One of the certificates on display at her shop which has since closed

One of the certificates on display at her shop which has since closed

Byne admitted possessing, advertising and supplying or selling painkilling Lidocaine Epinephrine injections between November 2016 to November 2017. The prescription drug is used by qualified practitioners to numb tissue in a specific area.

Skin Techniques Belfast plugged its procedures on Facebook, including body and genital piercings, Botox and laser tattoo removal with the option to "numb your piercing if you prefer no pain".

Byne also specialised in lip fillers at £150 a go, recommending them as gifts for events like Christmas and Mother's Day.


Fillers at the salon cost £150

Fillers at the salon cost £150

Fillers at the salon cost £150

The Facebook page also contained photos of men and women who have undergone procedures at her shop, including bum lift treatments at a cost of £850. One post boasted of how the business was fully certified and approved by the city council with a certificate in her name for carrying out Botox injections.

She was landed in court after a probe by the Department of Health's Medicines Regulatory Group led to a search of her east Belfast home in February 2017.

During the search, unauthorised medicinal products of Asian origin were recovered. Byne was later given a two-year conditional discharge.

Sunday Life attempted to contact Byne through her business number but received no response.

Byne is understood to have closed the business sometime in 2018 with the last review of her work from April that year stating: "Got my lips done with Barbara on Friday, I'm delighted with the results."

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