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Donald Trump 'very different' from telly persona, says Paisley


Donald Trump with Ian Paisley and Ian Paisley Jnr

Donald Trump with Ian Paisley and Ian Paisley Jnr

Donald Trump with Ian Paisley and Ian Paisley Jnr

DUP MP Ian Paisley has praised Donald Trump, describing the two of them as "good friends" and revealing that the US president has a picture of himself with his late father framed and on display in his office.

"I do like him. I think he's a character and I think he's very different from his television persona," he said.

"(He is) very much a numbers guy (who) always wants to talk business, always wants to talk about what the numbers mean.

"He introduced me to his sons. I had one of his sons over with me and he stayed.

"I met his daughter - Ivanka's an absolutely lovely lady.

"I got the pleasure of meeting the whole family and, of course, his wife Melania.

"I think I'm the only or one of the few politicians since he's been president, one of the few British politicians who's met him every single year of his presidency and has had lunch with him."

Mr Paisley added he was invited to the White House "not as a politician but as a family friend".

"Look, it's been a very useful contact. I think life is about the people you know and about utilising that knowledge and experience that you draw from them and what they can draw from you," he said.

"I've had that experience and I think as a result of that there's something to contribute more to public life."

Asked if Mr Trump had any faults, Mr Paisley told the Human Nature podcast: "Of course he does. Everyone has feet of clay and, in fact, if you don't want to see a person's faults, never meet them.

"My heroes in life are some sporting heroes... people like Joey Dunlop and Robert Dunlop and William Dunlop.

"But they all have feet of clay. They all have things that are wrong which they knew could be done better.

"But then I have lots of faults, so it's not surprising that other people have faults."

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