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Drug addict's social media boasts after stabbing dad in face probed by police

Victim Eddie Devine

A thug who knifed a dad-of-four in the face has joked about the savage attack on social media.

Screenshots of the sickening Facebook boasts are now in the hands of detectives hunting the drug addict thug.

Eddie Devine was seriously assaulted as he walked along the Springfield Road in west Belfast last Thursday.

He was knifed at least once in the face, with the blade almost severing his tongue.

Graphic images of Devine lying prone on the pavement with his horrific wound visible were widely shared on social media.

Police are still seeking his attacker, who has been named locally as a notorious criminal from the Divis area.

Aged in his 30s, he was previously jailed for being part of a glue-sniffing gang that attacked a schoolboy in the centre of Belfast, knocking out several of his 16-year-old victim's teeth.

This individual has been locked in a bitter feud with Eddie Devine for more than two years.

Residents say the bad blood started after it emerged the knife thug was a passenger in a stolen car that ran over and almost killed 35-year-old Devine in March 2018.

Devine was left with injuries including four broken limbs, an injured spine, broken ribs and blood clots to his brain.

He ended up being treated in hospital for eight months and now walks with the aid of crutches and suffers flashbacks.

In August 2018 Devine had a five-month prison sentence suspended for a year and a half when he was arrested by police in possession of a hammer.

The court was told that he was planning a "revenge attack" on someone who had beaten him up the night before.

This male is understood to be the knife maniac who stabbed Devine last Thursday and ran him over last year.

Sources in west Belfast have warned that the feud between the pair will end up claiming a life, and urged both men to step back from the brink.

"This feud between Eddie and the other fella has been going on for two years now, they need to catch themselves on before someone is killed," said a local who knows both men.

"There were rumours that Eddie lost his tongue in the stabbing, but that isn't true, he was knifed in the cheek.

"To be fair to him he isn't the worst in the world, the fella who attacked him is a far bigger problem. He's a header who wanders about with weapons while high on drugs. It's only a matter of time before he kills someone," added our source.

Cops investigating the attack on Eddie Devine have yet to make an arrest.

PSNI Inspector Paul Noble said: "The man was taken to hospital for treatment to a stab wound to the side of his face, which is not believed to be life-threatening."

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