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Dungannon cocaine mule Michaella McCollum: I didn't know bullying ex-boyfriend was feeding drugs to me

By Patricia Devlin

Cocaine mule Michaella McCollum has claimed that her bully boy drug dealing ex fed her drugs without her knowledge.

In an interview with Sunday Life from behind bars, the 20-year-old Dungannon dancer spoke candidly about her “horrible” relationship with Dwayne Mullan, who we can reveal walked free from court on Friday after being convicted of drugs charges.

While Mullan will now be able to walk the streets, in stark contrast the ex he is still besotted with is languishing in a hellhole jail cell thousands of miles away.

Yet there is no love lost as far as Michaella is concerned for her ex-boyfriend, who she remembers as being “very manipulative” and claims she once ended up in hospital after he gave her drugs.

Mullan was sentenced on Friday for three counts of possessing cannabis, diazepam and rare prescription drug buprenorphin with intent to supply.

The Dungannon druggie, who had pictures of the Peru drug smuggler “plastered” over his prison cell wall, walked free from court arm-in-arm with his new love after a judge ruled he had already “time served” after spending just under a year in custody.

Judge Gemma Loughran sentenced the 27-year-old to eight months imprisonment, and also activated part of a five-month suspended sentence that was imposed in April 2012 for similar offences.

But because the father of three had already spent nine months behind bars, the judge granted an order from his defence counsel to have him released.

Mullan is the ex-boyfriend of Ibiza promotions girl Michaella McCollum, who was sentenced in December for attempting to smuggle more than £1.5million worth of cocaine out of Peru.


The pair, both from the Co Tyrone town of Dungannon, first struck up a relationship when the photography student, who has previously admitted taking drugs in the past to Sunday Life, was just 16. They were together for a number of years before the relationship ended bitterly.

Speaking to Sunday Life from Peru’s Virgen de Fatima prison when we visited her three months ago, Michaella opened up about the tempestuous relationship with

the convicted cocaine dealer.

In extracts that can only now be printed as Mullan’s court case has ended, the 20-year-old said: “It was a horrible relationship. He [Dwayne] was very manipulative.

“He gave me drugs once and I ended up in hospital. I had no idea.”

Michaella went on to describe how the pair would regularly fight and how the relationship left her emotionally and mentally drained.

She added: “We were together when I was 16 and he was a lot older. It’s something I’d rather forget.”

Murky Mullan has a history of broken relationships.

In November he was convicted of breaching a non-molestation order against an ex-girlfriend. And despite being in a new relationship with a pretty brunette who supported him at court on Friday, Sunday Life can reveal Mullan actually had pictures of his cocaine-smuggling ex “plastered” over his cell wall in Maghaberry Prison.

The 27-year-old was in jail at the time of ex Michaella’s arrest alongside Scot Melissa Reid.

“He cut the pictures out of newspapers and stuck them all over his the wall,” a prison source told Sunday Life.

“The wall was completely plastered. The other lags took the mickey out of him, but he didn’t seem to care. He boasted about going out with her.”


Friday also wasn’t the first time Mullan has appeared in the dock over serious drugs.

In 2009 he was jailed alongside Ballymena cocaine courier James Kenny for a Class A haul that could have netted up to £112,000 on the street.

Laganside Crown Court heard at the time how police tailed drugs “minnow” Mullan’s Vauxhall Corsa from Dungannon to Belfast where he met “trusted” coke courier Kenny and exchanged packages of cash and cocaine.

The lawyer said when officers stopped and searched both Mullan and Kenny’s cars at Cooke Street just off the Ormeau Road on November 21, 2007, they uncovered more than £11,000 hidden in the back of Kenny's Audi.

She said that in a nearby garden, police found just less than half a kilo of cocaine. In follow-up searches officers found a further 1.5 kilos under the kitchen table of Kenny’s house. Officers also found an air pistol. The street value of the drugs — with a 16 per cent purity — was between £79,000 and £112,000.

Mullan, of Killyman Road, accepted his involvement in the exchange and pleaded guilty to a count of being concerned in the supply of a Class A drug.

At Dungannon Crown Court on Friday, a Crown barrister described how Mullan was caught with more than £1,100 of Class B and C drugs in April last year.

The lawyer said weighing scales and a mobile phone belonging to Mullan were also seized.


“The [street] value of the cannabis came to about £140, while the Class C drugs, diazepam and buprenorphin, came to a total of £1,021 — giving a total street value of £1,161,” he said.

Describing the 27-year-old as a “Category 3” offender, meaning he presented a medium risk of re-offending, the barrister said Mullan had been subject a suspended sentence of five months at the time of the offences, imposed just a few weeks before on April 4, 2013.

Defence lawyer Finton McAleer said he had made full admissions

to the offences, and had spent a total of 253 days on remand since his arrest.

Mr McAleer said that meant the drug dealer had spent the equivalent of nine months “real time” in custody, and applied for Mullan to be considered as having “time served” by the court.

Sentencing, Judge Gemma Loughran told Mullan: “You are becoming something of a serial drug offender and that is of concern to this court.”


She imposed consecutive sentences of two months imprisonment on each of the three drugs charges.

The judge also activated two months of the breached suspended sentence, to also run consecutively to the original sentences.

A destruction order was made on the drugs and paraphernalia, and judge Loughran said that a mobile phone seized by police from Mullan should be donated to a drugs charity.

Michaella, who is currently serving a sentence of six years, eight months in Peru’s Virgen de Fatima prison, confessed to Sunday Life in December that she herself had taken drugs on the party isle of Ibiza.

She said: “Yes, I took some drugs in Ibiza, but I wasn’t a coke head. Everyone does it.”

The cocaine smuggler, who was found with more than £1.5 million of the drug at Peru’s airport last August, has maintained she and Reid, 20, were forced at gunpoint by a South American drugs cartel to carry more than 11 kilos of the Class A drug.

They had been trying to check in for a flight to Madrid, Spain, with Majorca as their final destination.

Drug officers found 16 food packets stashed with cocaine, weighing 5.81 kilos, in Michaella’s suitcase, while 18 similar packets of cocaine, weighing 5.78 kilos, were found in Reid’s luggage.

Despite protesting their innocence, both pleaded guilty to drug trafficking last year, and were sentenced in December.

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