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Eagle-eyed Eamonn Holmes spots Line of Duty's Larne 'safe house'

Eamonn Holmes (PA)
Eamonn Holmes (PA)
Ivan Little

By Ivan Little

Line Of Duty fan Eamonn Holmes has revealed his wife Ruth Langsford wouldn't watch the hit cop show with him because he was too busy identifying all the locations in his home city of Belfast that were used for the filming.

"I had to watch it on my own," said Eamonn during a This Morning interview on ITV with Polly Walker, the actress whose character Gill Biggeloe was unmasked as the villain in the Organised Crime Group targeted by the anti-corruption unit, AC-12, led by Adrian Dunbar's character Supt Ted Hastings.

Eamonn said he spent the series spotting the places in Belfast and across Northern Ireland where Enniskillen actor Dunbar and his co-stars filmed their scenes.

"I know where everything is, from the police headquarters to where AC-12 were based," added Eamonn, who told Polly that the safe house allocated to her character in return for information wasn't safe from him.

"I know it's a wee council house in Larne," he said "Right on the seafront."

Eamonn said he found it perverse that a police series with officers and hoodlums brandishing guns should be filmed in Belfast of all places.

Polly Walker, who said she regarded herself as Irish despite being born in Warrington in England, told Eamonn she enjoyed working in Belfast, a city she knew from filming an earlier series of Line Of Duty.

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Polly Walker
Polly Walker

She added: "I think it's a brilliant city. There's so much good food and the people are so friendly. I know people always say that but it's true. There are lovely places to go and I felt very at home. It's a city that I feel very comfortable in."

Polly said she hadn't watched the series, which she added was "brilliantly written and acted". She said she always thought her lawyer character was a "bad 'un" who was in never in love with Ted Hastings. And she said the only reason Biggeloe went to Hastings' hotel room was to get hairs from his comb to help frame him as the head of the OCG.

Polly said she had no idea if Biggeloe would be 'rescued' from her home in Larne for another series. That, she added, was up to the man she called the "puppet master" - Jed Mercurio, the writer and producer of Line Of Duty who also had a huge hit with Bodyguard.

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