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Eamonn Holmes: Cancel culture a childish game compared to the Troubles


NEW JOB: Eamonn starts on GB News on Monday

NEW JOB: Eamonn starts on GB News on Monday

NEW JOB: Eamonn starts on GB News on Monday

Eamonn Holmes has dismissed cancel culture as a childish game when compared to the Troubles.

The presenter (62) said he considered a bullet to the head from paramilitaries as truly being cancelled.

He told the Daily Telegraph: “I’ll tell you what cancel culture was in Northern Ireland, it was a bullet in the head.

“I had a gun held to my head at one o’clock in the morning in a blacked-out street.”

Holmes had another run-in with gun-toting heavies during his time at home.

It came in 1982 when the Belfast-born host was fronting the teatime news on UTV.

He explained: “I did a pre-recorded interview with Gerry Adams. When he left the studio, the Reverend Ian Paisley comes right through reception.

“Paisley was surrounded by bodyguards and uniformed police and Adams was surrounded by plainclothes associates. It was like a western.

“The police put their hands on their guns and the Adams people put their hands inside their jackets. They circled each other and left. Now I see the social media spats and think, ‘You’re all just playing games’.”


PRESENTERS: Eamonn and Ruth

PRESENTERS: Eamonn and Ruth

PRESENTERS: Eamonn and Ruth

Holmes starts as the new host of the breakfast show on GB News on Tuesday.

While the channel is home to Nigel Farage and hosts who have railed against Covid restrictions, the presenter said he would tackle the issues that mattered to real people.

He added: “I was in Belfast and the thing that people were talking about was not the thing everybody says we’re talking about, Brexit. It was the price of heating, oil, gas and electricity.

“My friend’s heating bills have gone up 900 percent. His kids are sitting in coats. Fuel prices matter to people [and] social care frightens the wits out of people.

“I’m either a caring conservative or I’m quite a right-wing Labour supporter. I just care about people and I want to do the right thing.”

In a separate interview over the weekend, Holmes admitted his persistent back pain meant he relied on his fellow presenter wife Ruth Langsford (61) more than he would like.

He told the Sun: “I don’t walk, it’s more of a wobble. It has been very difficult this year. I can’t bend down to pick things up, so Ruth ends up having to wait on me. I know my sons are a bit embarrassed by the way I move around… it just makes everything so much harder.”

He told how one of their most recent face-offs came when he suggested Ruth move out of their bedroom so he could use its en-suite bathroom to get ready for his early-morning starts without waking her.

Holmes said: “She glared at me angrily and told me in no uncertain terms that she wouldn’t be moving, so I think that means I’m being turfed out. She was deadly serious.”

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