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George Best's son Calum: Dad accused me of ‘affair’ with Alex

Book makes series of shocking claims about troubled times with his father

By Patricia Devlin

George Best’s son Calum has claimed the football legend attacked him when he was just 14 years old, after accusing him of having an AFFAIR with his air hostess fiancee.

The reality star, 34, claims the east Belfast born star grabbed him by the throat, before roaring: “You’re not my f****** son”.

It happened after the former Manchester United star returned home to his London flat to find his teenage son and then fiancee Alex Pursey playing cards.

The model and TV personality opened up about the terrifying moment in his new book, Second Best: My Dad and Me, which is being serialised by the Daily Mail.

In it he makes a series of other shocking claims about his troubled childhood with the alcoholic, including how the Belfast-born star tried to KISS him after mistaking him for a woman.

The Celebrity Big Brother finalist also claims George, who died in 2005, left him alone in a Manchester hotel room when he was just 11.

Recalling how his dad accused him of “getting together” with Alex, whom George later married, Calum said: “Dad is in a bad state. He has messy, shaggy hair, his face is swollen and the skin on his hands and cheeks and forehead is red and peeling. Jesus, Dad, I think, you don’t look so well.

“There’s a pause as he looks around. I see his eyes and they’re blazing.

“‘What the f*** is going on here?’ he snaps. He’s not just angry, he’s raging. I look at Alex and she’s terrified.”

Calum, added: “I realise what he must be thinking. My drunk, old, alcohol-poisoned dad is convinced his 14-year-old son and his beautiful young fiancee are getting it on behind his back.

“I try to take control of the situation. ‘Dad,’ I speak calmly, ‘Chill out. This really is not what you think.’

“‘F*** off, you piece of s***,’ he shouts. ‘F*** off. You’re not my f***ing son.’

“Dad is staring at me with hatred in his eyes. ‘Don’t you lie to me,’ he snarls, stepping closer. ‘You’re not my son, you f***ing piece of s**t.’

“And boom! — his right hand whips up to my throat. The back of my head hits the wall, his hand tightens around my neck and my feet lift up off the ground.

“And then he lets me go. I’m rasping, coughing, trying to get air down my neck. I see his hand drop down to his side and then whack, up it comes and he backhands me across the right side of my head, knocking me over.

“‘You’re not my son,’ he shouts again. ‘You’re not even meant to be. I hate you.’”

The model also tells how the alcoholic once left him alone in a Manchester hotel room, and failed to return to the next day.

The terrified schoolboy, then just 11, was forced to ring mum Angie in Los Angeles who arranged for hotel staff to get her son food.

A dishevelled-looking George reportedly returned the next day, and Calum wrote: “He comes up to the table where I’m eating on my own and, in ways I don’t comprehend at the time, he tells me he left me last night to go and see a hooker.”

In another disturbing incident, the Celebrity Love Island star says the footballing hero tried to kiss him after mistaking him for a woman.

Calum recalled: “I am about to start trying to go back to sleep when Dad rolls over, puts his face in front of mine and kisses me: as in, he puts his tongue in my mouth. That kind of kiss.

“I freeze. What’s going on? I’m old enough to know what a French kiss is. But why is Dad doing it to me?

“Years later, when I start drinking heavily myself, I work out what happened. He got home so out of his head that when he saw my long, blond hair in his bed he assumed it was a girl and did the obvious thing of kissing her, because he thought that’s what she was there for.”

The socialite then claims George’s drinking spiralled out of control just four years after his career with Manchester United ended.

He revealed how the pair rarely played football together, and on one of the rare occasions they did — it turned out to be a publicity stunt.

Calum said: “At the end of the session the photographer gives Dad a brown paper bag full of what looks like thousands of pounds.

“We go to the pub and he gives me some to spend, probably because he feels guilty about using me like that.”

George died in November 2005, due to complications brought on by drugs he needed to take after his liver transplant.

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