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Gigolo John: Northern Ireland women pay this man for sex


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escort john

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escort john

Meet the unlikely Northern Ireland gigolo who claims he is providing women with the perfect dating experience.

Co Antrim man John, 57 (who preferred not to give his surname), openly advertises his services as a male escort online.

And now John — who caters exclusively for women — has told Sunday Life about his experiences giving women what they want.

John says there has been a huge change in society’s attitudes towards the sex industry — and women are increasingly willing to pay for company and sex.


This balding, middle-aged Co Antrim grandfather wants to change the public’s image of the male escort business.

The 57-year-old insists it’s a “lifestyle choice” and that female company is his motivator for selling his escorting services to women.

“I’m not into bodybuilding and trying to make myself something I’m not,” says John.

Instead he feels he has something “unique” to offer women.

“I have more respect for what I’m doing and the way I’m doing it. I didn’t go into it for sex”.

John insists he “wanted to meet people”.

“There’s nothing better than walking into places with a nice woman on your arm. It makes me feel good,” he says.

He believes escorts are becoming more acceptable in Northern Ireland.

“It’s been going on for years, it’s not a new thing, it’s not just a 21st century thing.

“Today there are a lot of women who are single and don’t want to remarry and there are the businesswomen who need company when they are in Belfast for a function and don’t want to stand out like a sore thumb.”

Old friends have noticed his swagger since he took up the escort game.

“My friends say I remind them of a teenager, my confidence has improved. I’m not ashamed of who I am. We are all adults and have the right to choose our path.”

Grandfather John does not let his nerves get the better of him when he is booked for the evening.

“I look at it as a job. I can talk to most people about anything. With my client I behave as if we are friends.”

Clients can be guaranteed John will remain on his best behaviour.

“I wouldn’t order a T-bone steak. I drink from a glass when I order beer and stay away from the shorts — the mad stuff!”

John has been requested for his services by males, but he protests he does not “swing the other way”.

“Some men have requested me to have sex with their partners while they watched. I’m really not into that.

“Women know what they want — it makes my job easier. Women are very simple creatures — body language is important, women aren’t a bit of meat. Remember it’s some man’s daughter or sister, so treat them right.

“Growing up my Ma would have given me a clout over the head if I did not treat a woman right.”

He claims that he is helping marriages by providing an outlet for women in lonely relationships. He also says he wants a partner but doubts he could change his ways.

“I’d like to meet a partner but I like my freedom. I’m stuck in my ways,” says John.

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