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Heroic dog that saved Ballymena 'body in the bin' victim Adam's life

Adam Robinson was lured to a devil worshippers’ drugs party then drugged, tortured and left for dead in a sealed wheelie bin

This is the hero dog that saved body in the bin survivor Adam Robinson from a slow and lonely death.

Maisie – a black labrador cross – was out for a walk with her owners when she picked up the scent of the 21-year-old who was trapped inside the sealed bin.

She rushed to the undergrowth where it had been hidden in the Sentry Hill area of Ballymena and began barking furiously.

This alerted her owners who ran to the bin and forced it open to free a naked and badly beaten Adam.

Paramedics called to the scene to treat him warned that had he been trapped for longer he could have died because the oxygen supply was running out.

Adam’s relieved parents Mervyn and Wilma still do not know the name of the dog-walker who saved their son, but they are forever in his debt.

“I’d like to thank the fella that saved Adam’s life,” said mum Wilma.

“If it were not for him Adam could have died a slow, long, lonely death.”

The dog owner ripped 60ft of masking tape from the bin that had been used to seal the lid, and forced it out from under a tree.

It was then that a semi-conscious Adam clambered outside the plastic tomb to be taken to hospital.

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