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Holmes is pumped up

Eamonn's fury after son's accused of driveaway petrol theft

Telly favourite Eamonn Holmes has hit out at cops — and oil companies — over an incident involving his eldest son Declan.

The Belfast-born Sky News presenter was enraged when cops rapped on the door to accuse the 19-year-old of leaving a filling station without paying for his petrol.

Eamonn admitted that anyone could make a mistake but in Declan's case the cops did actually get it wrong.

In fact, the teenager had never been in the filling station on the day he was accused or at any other time in his life.

But what really got Eamonn hot under the collar was that the alleged offence had taken place just one hour earlier and "for the paltry sum of £20 ".

He raged: "I'm not condoning theft but how come the police are so keen to pander to the needs of oil companies who make billions and billions of pounds of obscene profit?

"They answered the petrol station's distress call within the hour.

"How long would it have taken to get to your or my house if we were being burgled?

"In short, oil companies make enough money to police their own affairs.

"If someone has pilfered from them, then let them hire a private security agency to get the money back.

"As for the cops: For God's sake, get your priorities in order," he blasted.

Eamonn (47) — a prolific presenter across many programmes and channels — is no stranger to controversy.

His no-holds-barred autobiography, This Is My Life, raised more than a few eyebrows in TV circles when it was published last year.

Holmes also ran into a storm after describing Newcastle footballer Joey Barton — jailed for six months for a savage assault — with a four-letter expletive during an interview with Maxim magazine.

But he remains a firm favourite with viewers and has been tipped to replace chat show host Michael Parkinson when ITV bosses name a successor later this year.

The dad-of-four has recently revealed that he and his long-term partner, TV presenter Ruth Langsford, were also hoping to adopt a child.

The couple have a five-year-old son, Jack, and confirmed another child would complete their family.

But they made it clear it would not be a designer baby from abroad — as favoured by some A-list stars.

"We would consider it a privilege to care for a child with special needs or a youngster from a difficult background," Eamonn said.

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