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I’ve made my funeral plan, says Gloria

And I’m taking my curling tongs and shoulder pads!

Broadcaster Gloria Hunniford has surprised TV viewers by revealing she’s already made plans for what will happen to her after her death.

And the 81-year-old presenter insisted on ITV’s Loose Women programme that she was going to be buried, not cremated

She added: “I have it all planned actually. I definitely want to be in a box. I don’t want to be cremated.”

The glamourous Portadown-born star also talked about what she wanted to have with her after her passing.

“I’m going to take my shoulder pads. I’m going to take curling tongs I will have some form of re-charging my phone, just in case I want to get in touch with somebody,” she laughed.

Gloria’s fellow presenters joked that it was typical of Gloria to be prepared, saying she was always ready to go on air when she arrived for morning meetings before the TV show.

“As in life as in death,” said Gloria’s colleague Rangir Singh.

During the programme Gloria also spoke of the ‘healing’ power of visiting the grave in Kent of her 41-year-old daughter Caron Keating who died in 2004 seven years after being diagnosed with cancer.

Gloria said Caron’s passing had been devastating and she added: “If I need to talk her – and sometimes I want to talk to her in my own quiet way – I like to go to her graveside at Hever Castle. It’s such a pretty part of the country.”

She said the graveside visits ‘filled her soul’ adding that she sat in ‘a lovely seat’ near Caron’s grave at the castle which sits in rural countryside 30 miles from London.

Gloria said she used to find the visits ‘negative’ thinking about her daughter being at Hever Castle and not with her family but she went on: “Now X years down the line I find it very healing to go and sit there.”

The veteran TV star was talking on the day that Princes William and Harry unveiled a statue to their mother Princess Diana at the sunken garden at Kensington Palace on what would have been her 60th birthday.

Gloria said if the unveiling didn’t heal the feud it was a ‘very strange world.’

She added: “If Princess Diana knew that this feud was going on she would be really upset. She would be saying to the boys ‘what are you playing at?’ “

Gloria who also has two sons was later involved in a discussion about who should have the final say in how many babies a woman should have – her or the father.

She said: “At the age I am I say that having children, whatever, whenever you have them is the best thing you ever do in your life.

“If I had to live my life again I would have babies anyway irrespective of the pain. I do think it’s a pain that’s like no other but you forget about it because you have beautiful children. “

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