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Jeremy Kyle show saved cheating Derry man's marriage

Meet the Northern Ireland couple who say chat show king Jeremy Kyle saved their marriage.

William and Madeline McGlinchey, whose appearance on Tuesday’s Jeremy Kyle Show on UTV went viral across social media last week, told Sunday Life they are “happier and stronger” than ever after airing their martial woes on telly.

And the couple, who have been together for 10 years, say they would “do it again in the morning” despite shock lie detector results that left 29-year-old William red-faced in front of millions.

The McGlincheys jetted out to Manchester last month to appear on the agony uncle-type show after the young dad falsely accused his wife of eight years of being unfaithful.

But the Derry couple were left gobsmacked when the test results — said to be 97 per cent accurate — revealed that HE was actually the cheat.

But William had his own take on the outcome.

“It was a brilliant result, all good for me, unfortunately not for Maddie,” he told Sunday Life in the pair’s first interview since their return.

“But the fact is we are grand again

now, and it’s me that has to scold her!

“Of course I feel bad, oh God aye. I’m devastated for Madeline and her results, but like I said, what I did (having sex with another woman two or three times) was five years ago, and I did tell her. But of course I’m devastated, but at the same time I can’t feel bad because I am feeling so happy.

“Ten years with me and she hasn’t even two-timed me, or kissed anyone. What a result.”

In the episode, broadcast last Tuesday, William told the controversial TV host he feared wife

Maddie had slept with a pal, after all three went on a drinking session at their Shantallow home.

Raising laughs from the TV audience with his strong Derry accent, Mr McGlinchey said he was “96 per cent” sure his other half had slept with his “mucker” as he dosed in another room, adding: “I feel like an excuse of a man, because I just went back to sleep.”

But when mum-of-three Madeline appeared on stage, it was revealed her husband had dramatically confessed to an affair just hours before taking the show’s lie detector test.

In another blow, the results — which proved Maddie had been faithful throughout their relationship — revealed Willie had cheated more than once with another woman five years ago.

However, the forgiving mum, who wed in 2006, told Sunday Life she has forgiven her hubby.

“We had a good talk and we got over it, we are far more happier and stronger than before,” she said.

“He was in the dog house for a couple of days though.”

William added: “If Maddie didn’t pass, my head would have been all over the place. We would have got over it though, because I love her.”

Said Maddie: “I proved him wrong though.”

Both say that they have absolutely no regrets about going on the popular daytime show, despite being the subject of both ridicule and praise on social media sites.

“See all this comeback, I don’t give a hoot,” said William, who admits that neither have |Facebook or Twitter accounts.

 “I’m just happy I got the |results.

“I would have jumped on the first plane as soon as I got a chance, know what I mean? Jeremy’s there to help people.”

He added: “I haven’t got too much bad manners from people. Yesterday the postman was beeping like mad when he saw me walking down the street, and when you’re up the town you can feel people’s eyes burning into you.

“But apart from that, it’s not too bad. Though there’s embarrassment and you feel showed up,

it helped. It helped my head and heart.

“There’s nothing worse than thinking your wife has cheated on you, especially in the same house in the next room.

“But sure it turned out it was all in my head, a dream. Jeremy said it and so did Graham (the show’s director of aftercare).

“If I didn’t go to Jeremy Kyle, I’d be still sitting here accusing her of going with my mucker. My head was gone, but it’s back now, 10 years and she’s never even kissed another man. “

Describing the chat show host as a “gentlemen”, the couple said they believed he had saved their marriage.

“He’s actually a sound man, a sound bloke. He has a laugh and a joke with you. What can you do, you’re on his show and we are there to get the truth.

“The whole crowd behind the scenes that you don’t see are also fantastic. They make you feel dead comfortable and everything else. It’s not like what you see on TV, the stage is different. The audience is there, but by the time you get that out of your mind you are grand, you just talk to Jeremy like a normal |person.,” said William.

Said Maddie: “They pay for all your taxis flights and all to get on there as quickly as possible and sort it out.”

William maintained he has no regrets whatsoever over his TV debut, explaining: “It was only last month that this all happened and they had us on, and I'm so glad we were on quick because it was doing my head in, I broke the kitchen door over it.

“But it's sorted now, and we have come out of it happier and stronger than ever.

“I’d do it all again tomorrow, I swear to God, I’d go to America and everything to find out. I love her that much.”

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