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Jonny Evans' bird-brain idea left him high and dry


Jonny Evans and wife Helen McConnell

Jonny Evans and wife Helen McConnell

Jonny Evans and wife Helen McConnell

Premiership footballer Jonny Evans got himself in such a flap over a pigeon problem that he got stuck on his roof.

The Leicester City ace put a fake plastic bird of prey on top of his gaff to stop the pests pooping on his property.

But Northern Ireland defender Jonny was left on a wing and a prayer as he tried to get back down - and risked injury by making a desperate bid to get in through an upstairs window.

His wife Helen McConnell revealed: "We're having a problem with pigeons - there's so many pigeons.

"They're just dirtying everything in the garden, like all the kids toys and stuff, and it was just doing my head in.

"First I researched how to get rid of pigeons. It's not a personal thing, it's a hygiene thing.

"One website said get a fake falcon or eagle, so that's what I did. I went on Amazon - bought myself three.

"So, I sent Jonny out onto the roof, because his dad said you have to put them up high."

The couple have three kids - girls Lottie (6) and Heidi (3) and six-month-old boy Eli - and Helen was tucking them in for the night when things started to wrong for her famous husband.

She said: "I was putting the kids to bed, I didn't even know he was outside.

"And then I heard this big massive knock on the window of the bedroom, I was like, 'What is that?', panicking.

"It was him, he was like, 'I'm stuck! I'm stuck on the roof.'

"So, I tried to get him in through an annex window and it was possibly the funniest two minutes of my life, because he is 6ft 3in.

"I don't know the measurements of the annex window but it's one where the window opens half-way so he was trying to slide into it - it was honestly hilarious, it was very funny.

"Ten minutes after we put it up, a pigeon walked along the grass in the garden and he was like, 'Oh my goodness.'"

Helen is a presenter on MUTV, Manchester United's telly channel, and the couple, both 32, met when he was playing for the Red Devils.

She said that for the first two days afterwards there were no pesky pigeons and the "garden was a cleaner place" - but she reckons they have now rumbled the bird-brained plan.

She said: "The first few days were good, there were not many pigeons, but I think they've now realised that the falcon isn't real, if I'm totally honest. There's been a few more in the garden.

"I have asked Jonny to go up and move it to try and trick them again, but he's not getting up on that roof again."

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