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Just say yes to Windsor: Snow Patrol set to play Belfast stadium in an epic first

Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol are planning talks with the Irish Football Association to hold the first concert in the national stadium.

JOHNNY QUINN, who is the drummer in the band, revealed: "Nobody has ever played it and I know Gary (Lightbody) wants to be the first band to do it. Definitely. We have to make that work. We are working on that. We went to see the stadium and it looks incredible. There's only been boxing there."

The Bangor boys have recruited their pal, Northern Ireland footballing legend GERRY ARMSTRONG, to help make their dream happen.

Speaking to Johnny on Gerry and Friends, his Facebook live broadcast in association with his XPro Management company, he revealed: "We are hoping for next year. It's a question of dates as there is a football calendar. When we get this (Covid-19) and all over and everyone is well we can chat with the Irish FA."

Gerry also revealed that if Windsor is not an option the band could perform at the Ulster Rugby ground at Kingspan in Ravenhill. He added: "They would be keen to have Snow Patrol. We need to try and make that happen."

Meanwhile, despite the band's frontman Gary Lightbody ruling out plans for a fourth Ward Park gig, Johnny thinks it will happen again.

Speaking last month Gary said: "I don't know if there will be a Ward Park 4, no probably not. We wanted to do the hat-trick, We were warned by people that it might be too ambitious to do three but every time I would go to the shops in Bangor, Belfast or anywhere in Northern Ireland someone would always say 'when's the next Ward Park?' and I just had this feeling that it was something that was going to work.

"If I get that feeling again we go for it but I doubt it. We've scratched the itch now for people. I'm not hearing, 'When's Ward Park 4' very often. I think it's due to demand but if I feel there is then maybe but probably not."

But Johnny told Gerry: "It was this time last year. The last Ward Park was a bit scary as they said it's going to be so hard to sell that many tickets. A lot of people told us we shouldn't do it. Hopefully we will do it again. It definitely will (happen again) but it will probably be a couple of years away."

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