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Killers on the loose

Notorious sex killers jailed for some of Ulster's most brutal crimes are secretly walking the streets on day release.

But a court has BANNED this newspaper from revealing what they look like.

Sunday Life intends to challenge a gagging order which prevents us showing you the faces of the prisoners convicted of some of Ulster's most horrendous crimes.

We have uncovered evidence that the murders are wandering around unsupervised.

They include Ken Callaghan who murdered and then sexually assaulted his dying or dead victim in east Belfast.

Another killer on the loose is rapist killer Richard O'Hara who strangled a secretary to death and dumped her in a ditch.

They are allowed out on their own from morning to evening.

It is understood neither has been given a definitive final re-lease date, but sources say they are being "prepared for eventual release".

At Belfast High Court on Friday Mr Justice Stephens granted a temporary injunction to Callaghan because he said there would be "a real and immediate threat" to the killer's life if the picture appeared.

As a result we are unable to publish his photograph and the implications mean we are unable to publish pictures of other convicted prisoners on temporary release until the outcome of a full court hearing.

That is why today their photographs are pixelated in this newspaper.

Callaghan, 40, has been given a tariff which expires this October, but again his release has not been rubber-stamped.

He was convicted in 1987 of one of Northern Ireland's most gruesome murders.

The loner battered to death neighbour Carol Gouldie in October 1987 and then sexually abused the 21-year-old as she lay dying.

She was found severely beaten, gagged and bound by a lodger at her Colvil Street home. Police found a footprint in a bath at her home which belonged to her neighbour Ken Callaghan.

Rock fan Callaghan has been involved with a jail band in Maghaberry Prison and sources say he wants to launch a music career when he walks free for good.

He has already spent a number of weekends on temporary release.

Our investigators spotted him walking around Belfast city centre on his own.

Just last week a Sunday Life team watched as he mingled with unsuspecting shoppers at Castlecourt shopping complex in Belfast city centre before enjoying coffee in a nearby cafe.

When we confronted him, Callaghan was still remorseless for the sick sex murder.

He even tried to deny who he was.

He said: "It's not me, mate, I don't know who you're talking about."

Callaghan offered to show us ID, but quickly changed his mind when we agreed to take him up on his offer.

His life sentence tariff is due to expire in October this year. However, his release date has not been finalised or authorised.

Another killer roaming the streets is Richard O'Hara, 54, who has been kept behind bars several years after his life sentence tariff expired.

In 1981 Malone Road teenager Deborah Robinson, 19, travelled to Dublin on a blind date arranged through a dating agency.

The date did not go well and as she waited for a bus home to Belfast at Parnell Square in Dublin she met O'Hara, who was also from Belfast.

The ex-British soldier, who had served with the Royal Green Jackets, lured Deborah back to a factory where he worked under the pretence that he was going to give her a lift home.

He then raped her and strangled her to death.

The next day he drove 30 miles outside Dublin to dump the body in a ditch near Clane in Co Kildare. A farmer found her body.

Now he is out walking around Belfast and launched a tirade of abuse at our photographer as he obtained the first picture of the killer.

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