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Line of Duty stars recall boozy nights out in Belfast


ANTICS: Martin Compston

ANTICS: Martin Compston

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ANTICS: Martin Compston

Line Of Duty's stars have told how they drunkenly filmed improvised scenes on their phones while walking home drunk from nights out in Belfast.

Martin Compston, who plays DS Steve Arnott on the police show, said one of their favourite spots to shoot booze-fuelled footage was an underpass close to where they stayed in the city during filming.

The Scot (36), who lives with co-stars Adrian Dunbar and Vicky McClure while making the series, said: "Sometimes, if we're coming back after a night out and a wee bit p*****, we'll film impromptu scenes down there on our phones."

He added, in a joint chat with Adrian and Vicky, that they also recorded Line of Duty-themed Christmas songs.

"We spent days perfecting an AC-12 Christmas song which we never got round to releasing. I thought it was pretty good in the end," Martin said.

Vicky (37), said she, Martin and Fermanagh-born Adrian (62) were stunned by the reaction they got from fans in a Belfast bar before lockdown forced the closure of all pubs.

She explained: "Before we got shut down, me, Adey and Martin went to a sports bar in Belfast and it was carnage.

"Everybody's just really excited and they just want to tell you that they're fans of the show and scream Ade's lines at us."

Enniskillen man Adrian previously said he loved delivering his Line Of Duty catchphrases such as "Mother of God" and "suckin' diesel" because it reminds him of the colloquialisms used by his late father Sean, a carpenter who died of a brain haemorrhage shortly after he moved to London to pursue his career in acting.

Martin said he recently bought Adrian a Celtic top as a present, and the Northern Irish actor gave him a waistcoat as a nod to the three-piece suits his character wears.

But Martin said he can't bear to wear the gift because it reminds him of being at work.

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