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Linfield shop sign: Tricolour is Ivory Coast not Republic of Ireland flag

By Christopher Woodhouse

A Linfield shop has been forced to put a sign in its window after the flag of the Ivory Coast had customers in a flap.

The football shop on Belfast's Shankill Road said it was forced to put up the sign after customers mistook the orange, white and green flag of the African nation for the Irish tricolour.

The flag appeared on bunting, featuring the flags of all 32 countries taking part in the World Cup, which was draped in the shop's window to celebrate the tournament.

But staff were forced to put a sign underneath the flag of the Ivory Coast which read: “This is the Ivory Coast NOT Republic of Ireland.”

Although both flags consist of the same three colours, the colours of the Ivory Coast’s flag are in reverse order to those of the Republic of Ireland.

A woman at the shop told the Irish News: “People just thought it was the [Irish] Tricolour. It obviously isn’t, as it’s the flag of the Ivory Coast, so that’s why we had to put the sign up.”

She added that the sign has now been taken down.

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