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Maghaberry prison race gang wars: Loyalists in brutal clashes with Chinese drugs mules behind bars

Rab Colgan.
Rab Colgan.

By Ciaran Barnes

Race row clashes between rival gangs have gripped Maghaberry Prison.

On one side is a group of loyalists led by convicted hoax bomber and Nazi supporter Rab Colgan, and on the other is a group of Chinese drug mules.

Violent clashes between the gangs in recent weeks have led to around a dozen prisoners being placed in solitary confinement — or the special supervision unit as it as known at the high-security jail.

A Maghaberry source said: “The last fight between the gangs was mental — they used brushes, snooker cues, anything they could get their hands on.

“They beat the living daylights out of each other and wardens in riot gear had to pull them apart.”

Confirming the incident a Prison Service spokesman said: “An incident occurred on September 6 which has been referred to PSNI.”

Maghaberry insiders revealed the rows between the loyalist and Chinese gangs inside Foyle House have been simmering for some time.

“It started out of complaints from the loyalists about the personal hygiene of the Chinese prisoners,” explained our source.

“They accused the Chinese of not washing and of not clearing up after themselves.

“There were also issues around the Chinese getting special treatment — they have their own chef who cooks them meals and have access to satellite TV with programmes in their own language.”

Maghaberry Prison
Maghaberry Prison

Our source explained how Hitler-loving Rab Colgan — who has a Swastika tattoo on his chest — used these issues to whip up a race hate storm in Maghaberry. He added: “Rab is an out and out racist and he convinced his wee gang to use these issues as an excuse to attack the Chinese.

“What he didn’t reckon with though is the Chinese fighting back — they gave as good as they got.

“Rab will think twice about starting on them in the future.”

Colgan, who is from the Rathcoole estate, was jailed for 13 months in February after pleading guilty to causing a series of bomb hoaxes outside churches in Newtownabbey, and at the home of local DUP councillor Billy Ball.

The 26-year-old also admitted a separate charge of possessing explosives in suspicious circumstances.

Colgan was arrested after his DNA was found on a suspect device left outside a Catholic Church. He later confessed that his crimes were motivated by the loyalist flag protests which were taking place at the time.

No stranger to trouble, Colgan got into hot water with governors during a previous stint in Maghaberry Prison when he took a photograph of himself inside his cell on a smuggled mobile phone and posted it on Facebook.

Most of the Chinese nationals who his gang fought with inside the jail are serving sentences for running cannabis factories for Triad mobsters.

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