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Man found guilty of attacking women accused of breaching lockdown rules


Cheikh Ba Photo: C Barnes

Cheikh Ba Photo: C Barnes

Cheikh Ba Photo: C Barnes

A man who has twice been found guilty of attacking women has now been accused of disorderly behaviour and breaching coronavirus lockdown requirements.

Cheikh 'Mac' Ba was arrested on Kansas Avenue in north Belfast last month after police were called to a public order incident. The 31-year-old's case is scheduled to be contested at Laganside Magistrates Court on July 24.

Ba, who denies any wrongdoing, is a hate figure in the community, having twice being found guilty of attacking women.

His most recent conviction occurred in 2019 when he was put on probation for two years and ordered to attend an alcohol/drugs management course after pleading guilty to assaulting former partner Stacey McAllister.

Ba had an earlier 18-month jail sentence suspended for two years for tying up, assaulting and robbing ex-girlfriend Donna McKane. The Senegalese man responded to the news by leaping from the dock into the court public seating area and kissing Ms McAllister in front of shocked lawyers, cops and the judge.

But the relationship was not to last and Ba admitted causing her actual bodily harm and smashing up her home.

He moved to Northern Ireland in 2010, setting up home with Ms McKane whom he met while on a Mediterranean holiday.

After she dumped the thug, he assaulted her, stole cash and a bank card, smashed her phone and slashed a sofa with a six-inch knife.

In 2015, Ba was injured when a gunman fired shots through the front window of his home on Butler Walk in Ardoyne. His five-month-old daughter narrowly escaped injury in the reckless attack, which he blamed on the ONH terror gang.

Ba raged afterwards: "They don't have any balls, they came to my house to shoot me in front of my kids. Let them come one by one if they are men."

Two years later ONH abducted and kneecapped him as he walked through the New Lodge area of Belfast.

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