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Man viciously beaten by UVF for refusing order to leave NI


Footage of funeral in Glencairn

Footage of funeral in Glencairn

Footage of funeral in Glencairn

The UVF carried out a vicious hammer and baseball attack on a young man for refusing an order to leave the country.

The victim, aged in his 20s, was beaten to a pulp by four men who broke into his home on Forthriver Crescent in west Belfast last weekend. Police described his injuries as "brutal" and confirmed four masked males were involved.

Sunday Life understands the target of the assault was threatened by the UVF last month and ordered to leave the country.

His crime was to stand up to members of the terror gang in the Glencairn estate at the top of the Shankill Road.

A local UVF unit - ironically led by a Catholic whose father was murdered by the organisation - responded by shooting up a house on Forthriver Crescent, burning a car, and hospitalising another male in a punishment-style attack by appointment.

It also tried to abduct a second man during a break-in on Glencairn Way after putting on a show of strength in the estate and ordering four people, one of whom is a grandmother, out of the area.

Referring to last weekend's break-in and beating on Forthriver Crescent, Detective Sergeant Arnott said: "The intruders ransacked some rooms downstairs and threatened the female occupant, before making their way to the bedroom where they assaulted the male occupant.

"The victim was beaten with the hammer, and has sustained wounds and lacerations to his arm, ankle, head and body. The injuries required hospital treatment. This was a shocking and brutal attack on a young man, aged in his 20s.

"The female occupant, who ran to a separate room to protect her two young children, has also understandably been left badly shaken. It's believed the men made off on foot."

Loyalist sources told Sunday Life last weekend's hammer attack, and other recent paramilitary shootings and beatings in Glencairn, were carried out by the gang's 'A Company' unit.

"The UVF are trying to justify it by saying it's in response to anti-social behaviour, but that should be a matter for the PSNI and not paramilitaries," explained one local.

"People can't believe that a Catholic UVF member is leading all this mayhem, when the organisation tortured and murdered his father. What kind of buck eejit then goes and joins the gang which did that?"

The UVF claims its targeting of several males in Glencairn is in response to criminality in the area, which includes joyriders showing up at a funeral and driving a car dangerously among mourners.

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