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McGinley hitman is linked to blonde batterer Delaney

Contract killer assisted alco murderer pal to flee police

An Ulster hitman who carried out murders for £20,000 helped a female killer flee the cops in Northern Ireland.

The Tyrone gangster, who served in the French Foreign Legion, helped his pal Sarah Jane Delaney go on the run for two-and-a-half years as cops hunted her over the murder of the boyfriend she beat to death.

Last week Sunday Life revealed how the PSNI has linked the thug — who we can't name for legal reasons — to murders in Northern Ireland and the gardai are investigating him for gangland killings in the Republic.

We also exposed how Black Widow Julie McGinley, behind bars for murdering her businessman husband Gerry at their Fermanagh home in 2000, had paid him to kill her husband in the months before she and her lover Michael Monaghan did.

She paid a £4,000 deposit, but was unable to raise the rest of the cash.

Detective Chief Superintendent Norman Baxter, who brought McGinley and Monaghan to justice, told us last week: "We are aware that Monaghan and McGinley, through a third party, entered into a contract with a known violent criminal to have Gerry murdered.

"We believe that after paying a substantial deposit they were unable to raise the balance."

McGinley is now at Hydebank jail on the outskirts of Belfast from where she has mounted a campaign to overturn her conviction.

But the Court of Appeal judges in Belfast said when dismissing her appeal in 2006: "We are satisfied that she would lie and lie again to serve her own purposes."

Ironically, a fellow inmate is Sarah Jane Delaney who has now also been linked to the contract killer. Street drinker Delaney (32) has been ordered to serve at least 12 years of a life sentence for murdering her boyfriend by bludgeoning him to death and then setting fire to their squat.

Delaney, formerly of Eglantine Avenue in Belfast, was convicted of murdering Billy Shaw (34) on March 18, 2002, and also convicted on a further charge of arson.

During a six-week trial the jury was told that when the fire brigade was called to the Camden Street squat they shared, they found Mr Shaw's body battered, bloodied and partially burnt.

They heard that when his body was examined, the pathologist uncovered more than 60 cuts to his nose and face, as well as multiple facial bone and skull fractures, indicating that he had died as a result of blunt force trauma to the head.

Delaney's trial heard that he may have been hit at least 60 times with a banister spindle.

The jury was also told how Delaney, originally from Manchester, had gone on the run in the Republic and was only returned for trial in Northern Ireland after extradition proceedings. She went on the run in October 2002 and was not arrested until April 2005 when gardai nabbed her in Dublin following a huge manhunt. She was then extradited back to Northern Ireland to face trial.

Now sources have revealed that when she first skipped bail Delaney hid out at the hitman's Tyrone home for months before he gave her £1,000 and brought her to Sligo and out of the jurisdiction.

A source said: "Delaney and the killer were very close. He wanted to ensure the PSNI didn't catch her and he helped her stay on the run for a long time. He hates all police and law and order. The man is an animal."

In the early 1990s, the hitman helped the IRA carry out a bomb-attack against a police officer in Co Tyrone. He provided the Provos with the officer's address because he discovered his girlfriend was having an affair with him.

But republicans later attacked him because of his involvement in the drugs trade where he acted as an enforcer for drug gangs.

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