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Mentalist David Meade bamboozles Sunday Life newsroom of cynics and sceptics

By Sara Girvin

AS tough crowds go, the newsroom of a Sunday tabloid must be right up there. Sceptical by nature and cynical by design, the Sunday Life office is hard to impress - but that didn’t put off TV mentalist David Meade.

Fresh from the hit BBC show that saw him win a million dollars from a Las Vegas casino, David popped in to showcase a little of what audiences on his current tour can expect.

Just ten minutes in and David had successfully bamboozled everyone by repeatedly guessing what number reporter Patricia Devlin would roll on a dice.

More impressive still was when David, with his back turned, managed to draw the exact same image, of Big Ben, as our Chief Reporter Ciaran Barnes.

The most cynical about David’s skills out of all of us, even Ciaran had to admit the mentalist was “very impressive”.

So as he tours up and down the country, what can audiences expect?

Not a seance, that’s for sure.

“A lot of people turn up thinking that they’re going to see me calling up spirits and talking to the dead, but that’s not what I’m about,” David said.

“This show is the biggest one we’ve ever done, we travel with a massive crew and a big set and live camera screens.

“One of the games we’ll be playing is a live version of something like Deal or no Deal.

“I want to give away £1,000 and someone will get that by lying to me successfully, anyone, I don’t care.  So if you think you are a good liar, put your hand up, come on stage and try to lie to me.”

David said he wants people in the audience to scratch their heads at his stunts. “Something else I’m doing is I’m going to be blindfolded, the audience can ask me anything and my job is to be able to answer it.

“So if there’s a question about you, you know that no-one else knows, come to the show, try it out and see if I can answer it,” he said.

n David is appearing at the Strule Arts Centre, Omagh on January 30, Market Place Theatre in Armagh on January 31, Burnavon Theatre, Cookstown on February 6, Riverside Theatre in Coleraine on February 7 and The Mac in Belfast on February 27 and 28.


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