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Mystery Lidl employee thanked after paying for OAP's shop


The mystery Lidl employee has been thanked

The mystery Lidl employee has been thanked

The mystery Lidl employee has been thanked

A Portadown man has thanked a young supermarket employee who paid for their mum's shopping when she got her purses mixed up last week.

Gareth Paddy Richardson (38) posted an appeal to find the mystery Lidl employee on Friday after the teenager dipped into his own pocket to pay for mum Annie Richardson's (below) groceries.

In the post, which has since been shared and liked thousands of times, the roofer said: "Wow big thank you to the young guy working at the tills at Lidl Portadown. My mum at 76 went to get a few things and when she got to the counter she realised she had forgotten her money.

"The young lad went to his locker and used his card to pay for my mum's things. A lady behind also wanted to pay for her stuff, that's community spirit.

"My mum then walked back down to the store to pay the young lad but he refused the money and told her if it was his mum he would like to think someone would have done the same for her. He also told mum she shouldn't be out lol."

It wasn't long before the people of Portadown put the pair in touch and Gareth told Sunday Life he'd been able to speak to young Charlie Giffen on the phone to say thanks.

Gareth said: "I haven't met him personally yet but we had a nice conversation on the phone and via Facebook Messenger. I just thanked him for what he done. He refused to take the money back which was very kind of him, my mum's going to get him a nice card. It wasn't a massive bill but it's the thought that matters."

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