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NekNominate craze is out of control: Businessman cuts head off bird, eats insides then jumps off cliff

Islandmagee man goes too far in bizarre and sickening video clip as part of dare

By Patricia Devlin

This is the idiotic Islandmagee businessman who sliced the head off a bird, swallowed a goldfish and jumped off a cliff in an alcohol-fuelled ‘neknominate’ dare.

He is David Ford, owner of the prestigious Moyle and Game Shoot range on the Co Antrim coast, who now says he regrets his stomach-churning actions.

An horrific online video of the Co Antrim man, who breeds gaming birds for his sweeping north coast shoot, shows him cut the head off a woodcock before eating its insides with a spoon.

He then pours himself a pint of gin, before dropping a LIVE goldfish inside.

Not content with necking back the potent pint with the fish inside, the neknominate nut strips off before jumping off a cliff into the freezing cold sea.

The three-minute clip featured on a number of social media sites, including a Facebook page called ‘Britain's Best Neknominators’.

It was posted shortly after two Irish men died after taking part in the online drinking craze.

Ross Cummins, 22, was found unconscious in a house in Dublin city the early hours of Saturday February 1 after downing a bottle of spirits in the drinking game. He later died in hospital.



Hours later, the body of Jonny Byrne, 19, was discovered in a river in County Carlow after apparently jumping in as part of a nomination.

The ‘Jackass’-style craze hit Ireland in mid-January after sweeping across from England.

Initially, those nominated by friends to take part in the drink dare were only expected to down pints of beer.

But as more and more people joined in on the craze, videos became more outlandish and extreme, with one hardcore drinker from the province consuming NAIL VARNISH REMOVER.

Another clip, which was posted on a dedicated Northern Ireland neknominate site, showed a young man sinking a jug of tonic wine before swallowing a cigarette.

More than 7,000 people had joined the page in less than a week. It has since closed.

When contacted by Sunday Life on Friday, Mr Ford said he regretted doing the dare.

He said: “It was filmed before I knew those two fellas died — I wouldn’t have done it knowing people lost their lives.”

Mr Ford said he decided to do the extreme stunt after being “nominated” by a friend, and claimed most of the stunt was fake.

When asked how it was faked, he hung up the phone.

A website for the game farm — where it is thought the bird in the video came from — boasts about working with one of France’s leading hatcheries to produce and rear high-quality chicks and poults.

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Death threats

It also claims to work closely with vets, who are on site once a week to “guarantee the vigour” of chicks and poults. Those who purchase young birds from the farm also receive a “health certificate”.

Last week a 23-year-old Newry woman received death threats after posting a similar video.

Rachel Carey, a trainee solicitor currently living in Australia, downed a goldfish in a four-minute video posted to her Facebook page.

It showed her preparing an alcoholic drink, showing the goldfish to the camera, before dropping it in the glass and swallowing it.

She is currently travelling in Australia, where the neknominate film was made.

The Newry woman later apologised on social media.

She said: “Right, clearly my neknomination got out of hand. I would like to sincerely apologise to anybody offended by my actions.

“I'm young, I was drunk. Not my finest hour.”

She has since taken down her Facebook page.

 Northern Ireland judge Rosemary Watters was also forced to apologise after a video of her taking part in the lethal craze emerged.


The 15-second clip showed the 48-year-old judge lifting a shot glass, thought to contain vodka or tequila, and saying, “I neck and nominate you” and mentions a friend’s name.

The incident was filmed at a family event last month.

Ms Watters, who is often based in Lisburn and Craigavon magistrates courts, has released a statement saying she regretted her actions.

The Forum For Action On Substance Abuse (FASA) has renewed its call for young people to steer clear of the dangerous game.

Alex Bunting, Head of Corporate Services at the charity, said: “Alcohol is a drug and poison which, if consumed in this way, can cause serious health issues or even death.

“Worrying is the other toxic substances that are shown being consumed.

“Sites and pages such as this highlighting risk-taking behaviours can influence and impact negatively on vulnerable young people and could cost lives.

“Anyone needing help or support should contact local services listed on the public health agencies website.”

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