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Northern Ireland YouTube star Adam B's £1k giveaway to fans in need during Covid-19 pandemic


Northern Ireland YouTuber Adam B

Northern Ireland YouTuber Adam B

Northern Ireland YouTuber Adam B

Northern Ireland YouTube sensation Adam Beales last week handed out more than £1,000 to help those in need as the financial impact of the Covid-19 crisis deepens.

On Wednesday night, Adam posted on Twitter that he wanted to support in some way those struggling.

Within a few hours he was sending money to his followers via PayPal as he responded to heart-rending messages from people in dire situations.

Known as Adam B online, the 20-year-old star has amassed more than 2.7 million subscribers, and his gesture even prompted others to help out too.

"I just had a feeling of helping out that night and so posted out a tweet asking if anyone was struggling and needed extra help during this time," he said. "It was just a spontaneous thing.

"The more and more people who came forward with their struggles, it was hard not to help. I kept working through all the messages until my phone battery literally died that night."

From appearing on children's TV to flying first class across the globe, the full-time YouTuber has carved out a unique career for himself online.

The Wednesday night gesture helped people with their rent, utility bills, single mothers struggling, and some who just wanted a little to treat them and their loved ones.

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