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Notorious paedophile Ian Kernohan caged for dating without permission

A notorious paedophile is back behind bars after breaching the terms of a strict court order for the 21st time.

Ian Kernohan is considered so dangerous that he has to tell the authorities about any friendship he forms with a female.

He was arrested last month at his Dismas House bail hostel on Belfast's Ormeau Road after his designated risk manager discovered he had been in contact with a young woman.

The 33-year-old pervert from Ballymena is now back behind bars at Maghaberry Prison over claims he breached a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO).

A probation source said: "Kernohan was recently arrested by police and taken straight to Maghaberry Prison. He had been in contact with a girl from the north coast, and was claiming to be her fiance.

"Regardless of that, he is not allowed to form a relationship without first informing his designated risk manager so we can check with the woman whether he has told her about his past."

Kernohan, described in court by a detective as "sneaky and devious", has been holed up in the hostel since being freed from jail in 2018 for five SOPO breaches.

He served a six-month sentence for forming secret relationships with three vulnerable women, including one with the mental age of a child.

When these were discovered, the sex predator deleted eight messages from his mobile phone to try and hide his behaviour.

Kernohan was previously jailed in 2016 after befriending an unsuspecting single mum on a dating website.


Dismas House on Ormeau Road

Dismas House on Ormeau Road

Dismas House on Ormeau Road

He ended up tricking his way into her east Belfast home and tickling her two-year-old girl on the sofa.

The paedophile was thrown out of the woman's house after her sister read Sunday Life stories detailing his convictions. The frightened woman phoned the police and Kernohan was charged.

Speaking afterwards, she told this newspaper: "He targeted me to get at my children. I'm glad he has been jailed because it means he won't get the chance to abuse any more kids."

Kernohan was also convicted at the same time of going on dates with a 17-year-old who brought her two-year-old niece along. One of their meetings was in Botanic Gardens in Belfast, which he is banned from entering because of the danger he poses to kids.

The PSNI is on record as describing Kernohan, whose brother is hammer killer William McCooke, as being at a "high-risk of re-offending".

This was after he was jailed for two indecent assaults on children in 2009. He also signed up to a scheme in Coleraine that allowed him access to a local nursery school.

The sex offender has a further conviction for an indecent assault on a 10-year-old girl.

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