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Omid Djalili: 'I was kicked, shot at, and called the Fenian Turk... but I loved every minute in Northern Ireland'

How Coleraine Uni days were the making of TV star Djalili

Omid Djalili

COMEDIAN and actor Omid Djalili reckons his rowdy student days in Coleraine made him the man he is today.

Talking to Sunday Life, the irreverent 54-year-old Londoner is in stitches as he recalls things that would shock us now - like 'the Fenian Turk' nickname he was given by his team-mates, or narrowly avoiding being shot while minding his own business on Portrush beach.

Self-deprecation and poking fun at himself is all part of his routine, of course, and during the course of a lively discourse recently on Twitter, he joked he had "the touch of a landmine" during his days in the Irish League's lower tiers.

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