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Paedophile hunter admits smearing own excrement on police cell walls


Caolan Murray outside court last week.

Caolan Murray outside court last week.

Caolan Murray outside court last week.

A self-appointed paedophile hunter has admitted wrecking a police cell by smearing his own excrement over the walls.

Lurgan man Caolan Murray appeared via video-link as his solicitor told Craigavon Magistrates Court the 26-year-old was entering guilty pleas to all four of the charges against him.

Murray (26) admitted using disorderly behaviour on the Old Portadown Road in Lurgan, assaulting a police constable and damaging a police car on Boxing Day last year.

He also confessed to causing criminal damage to a police cell on December 27 by smearing excrement over the walls and door.

Murray’s solicitor asked for him to be freed on bail pending sentencing. But a police officer said he had objections to the self-styled paedo hunter being freed amid fears he would commit further offences, revealing that he has more than 30 previous criminal convictions including entries for causing damage, assault, assaulting police and disorderly behaviour.

In November 2018, Murray, who is heavily involved in the Not One Nonce Can Escape (NI) Facebook group, was jailed for seven months for common assault and having a crossbow.

The court heard Murray was involved in a so-called sting streamed live online on February 18, 2018. Four days later he confronted the same man at his home armed with a crossbow.

In court last week, Murray’s solicitor claimed his client “has changed his ways and has sought help to address his addiction issues.”

Refusing to free Murray, however, District Judge Rosie Watters told the court that despite the submissions: “I still think there’s a risk of further offences being committed.”

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