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Paint bomb attack on home of UVF victim Ian Ogle's brother

POLICE are investigating a paint bomb attack on the home of a brother of east Belfast man Ian Ogle, who was murdered by UVF members.

The attack in Convention Court in east Belfast took place in the early hours of Saturday morning, leaving the front of the house plastered in black paint.

Lisa Duffield, who lives at the house with her partner Colin Ogle, said those responsible are part of a "drug fuelled criminal gang".

She told Belfast Live: "I was in bed waiting for the wee fella to come home and he was just in a few minutes when I heard this big bang. I jumped out of bed and ran down the stairs and when I went out the door the front of the house was just covered in black paint. The police say it was bottles they used as there was glass all over the place.

"One of them hit the wall just next to the upstairs bedroom. There's a child sleeping there who's just one. I'm just glad it didn't go through the window and hit the wee fella. It's not the first we've been targeted. There was graffiti on the wall a while back. I hardly slept last night and my partner didn't sleep at all. The ones who did this, they're nothing but a drug fuelled criminal gang."

Ian Ogle was beaten and stabbed 11 times by up to five men near his home at Cluan Place in January 2019.

The East Belfast UVF later admitted its members were involved, but insisted the killing was not sanctioned at a leadership level.

Mr Ogle was targeted after getting involved in a brawl with a UVF man earlier that evening. For the 18 months prior to his death he had been under threat from the terror gang having refused to show up for a pre-arranged punishment beating.

A number of men have been charged in connection with his murder.

In relation to the paint ball attack, the PSNI said they are "appealing for information following a report of criminal damage at a house in the Convention Court area of Belfast in the early hours of Saturday, 17 October.

"At approximately 12.15am a paint bomb was thrown at the front of the property."

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