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Peace process in for a R.U.F.F time


A gang of bloodthirsty loyalist gunmen have vowed to plunge Ulster into a new cycle of terror.

Just a few days after arch-enemies Ian Paisley and Gerry Adams agreed to share power at Stormont, a spokesman for the shadowy 'Real UFF' told Sunday Life how the group had drawn up a death-list.

Last night the Ulster Political Research Group, which provides political analysis to the UDA, dismissed them as a splinter group of isolated criminals completely out of touch with mainstream loyalist thinking.

Names who appear on the so-called 'Real UFF' hit-list include:

- UDA 'inner council' members

- Ousted terror boss Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair

- Alleged Special Branch agents William 'Mo' Courtney and north Belfast crime boss Jim Spence

- Suspected loyalist drug dealers, and

- Continuity and Real IRA godfathers.

The terrorist spokesman - who outlined his plans at a secret location outside Belfast - warned the loyalist splinter group had access to a vast arsenal of weapons.

The arms are said to include rocket-launchers, AK47 assault rifles, handguns, pipe-bombs, coffee-jar bombs and under-car booby-trap devices.

Said the Real UFF godfather: "These are no idle threats - we have the weapons and the manpower to cause serious damage to the enemies of Ulster.

"We have had enough of people telling us what to do - if the opportunity arises we will take out the entire UDA leadership because they are selling us out.

"Protestant areas are still awash with drugs and we are not going to stand by while so-called loyalists line their pockets.

"Adair should also be careful because he has turned his back on a lot of good men. He is still up to his neck in drugs and we are sick of him constantly mouthing off about operations in the past.

"We want the Protestant people to know that we are here for them and are ready to take action.

"Our war is not with the ordinary foot-soldiers, but with the leadership who are only worried about money.

"We have been gathering intelligence on various targets for a long time now and we even know where the top men in the CIRA and Real IRA eat and what cars they drive."

Last night, UPRG spokesman Frankie Gallagher challenged the renegade loyalist group to a meeting.

He said: "Who are these people? Who do they represent and what role do they intend to have in a peaceful society?

"They don't have any political strategy. Of course, senior members of the UDA leadership take all death threats very seriously.

"I think these people could be supporters of the Shoukris who are threatening people because their criminal empires have come falling down."

Exiled terror chief Adair dismissed the group's threats, adding: "I'm not afraid of these people.

"It was me who brought the war to the IRA, not them."

Security sources believe the rogue unit was set up by UDA members who did not support the leadership's peace strategy.

Sources say the group was established by supporters of Adair's former right-hand man and Holy Cross hoax bomber Gary 'Smickers' Smith and members who were once close to the ousted Shoukri brothers.

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