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Police probe after Falls Road fistfight footage goes viral


Screen capture of the Falls Road fistfight

Screen capture of the Falls Road fistfight

Screen capture of the Falls Road fistfight

Cops are investigating a vicious fistfight which ended with threats being made to burn down the home of an innocent woman.

At the centre of the brawl was Gerard Devlin Jnr, whose father Gerard Devlin Snr was stabbed to death during a gang attack in 2006.

His clash with another male on the Falls Road in west Belfast was filmed by onlookers, with footage posted online going viral.

Thousands of internet users have viewed the clip that shows a shirtless Devlin coming off worst in the fight with his taller opponent.

As they are pulled apart outside McEnaney's Bar, Devlin threatens to burn down his rival's mother's home.

He is recorded saying: "I'm going to burn it tonight," with the other male shouting: "Don't be threatening my ma's house."

Sources who provided Sunday Life with the fight footage claimed Gerard Devlin Jnr is "out of control".

This is the third time in four months that the 30-year-old has been caught on camera brawling in west Belfast.

Last month he was involved in a daylight punch-up with his father's killer Francisco Notarantonio (32) on the Falls Road.

Footage appears to show Notarantonio being the aggressor, with witnesses telling how he jumped out of a van to confront Devlin who was walking with his partner and children.

At the end of last year, Devlin was recorded brawling outside a bookies at the top of the Whiterock Road with a man wielding a crutch and whose foot was in plaster.

"Hardly a week goes by without young Gerard Devlin getting into a fight, he's out of control," said a witness to his latest scrap.

Locals say that any sympathy the community has for Devlin (right) due to the horrific fatal stabbing of his dad is quickly eroding because of his frequent bursts of violence.

"People have always given him a by-ball because of what happened to his da, most people in west Belfast genuinely felt sorry for him because he was only a wee lad when it happened," added our source. "But young Devlin is throwing that back in everyone's faces by constantly getting into punch-ups in the middle of the Falls Road.

"He needs to knock it on the head before either he, or someone else, is killed."

Gerard Devlin Jnr's life went off the rails after his father's knife killing and he was jailed for stealing the £5,700 life savings of an elderly woman from west Belfast.

After being freed from prison he appeared to settle down. However his involvement in three recent public fistfights, online footage of which has been viewed thousands of times, would indicate that is not the case.

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