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Popular Belfast kebab shop allowed mice to scurry over food


Hygiene charges: Turkish Kebab and Pizza House on Andersonstown Road

Hygiene charges: Turkish Kebab and Pizza House on Andersonstown Road

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Hygiene charges: Turkish Kebab and Pizza House on Andersonstown Road

This is the popular kebab shop which allowed mice to scurry over the food and wasn't kept adequately clean.

The Turkish Kebab and Pizza House in west Belfast was brought before a court last week on four food hygiene charges following a visit by council inspectors.

According to court documents the offences occurred in March 2019 at the takeaway beside the site of the Casement Park stadium on the Andersonstown Road.

Its owner, Fateh Khodadodi, pleaded guilty to allowing the rodents to come into contact with food on the premises and of failing to protect food from being contaminated by mice.

He also admitted operating a food business that was not "adequately clean" and was not constructed to permit good food hygiene practices.

The case was mentioned for the first time before Belfast Departmental Magistrates' Court last week where Khodadodi entered guilty pleas to all four charges.

Following his admissions, District Judge George Conner adjourned the case until January 12 when he will be sentenced.

According to the Scores On The Doors website the business is rated as being three out of five with "fair" food hygiene and safety.

It has an average of 3.7 out of five on Google reviews by customers - however some have taken the business up on its apparent lack of cleanliness.

One person wrote last year: "This place is filthy, in need of a real deep clean and no hygiene ratings on show. I would not recommend to any one unless they clean up! frozen half cooked chips and onion rings."

A response from the owner on the website said: "I think You don't like Turkish people?

"The shop has rating and never use frozen chip."

While its food is highly praised by many reviewers some have also complained about the amount of grease on their kebabs.

In one response the owner said: "The kitchen has grease. Is not hospital".

Sunday Life was unable to contact Khodadodi for comment.

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