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Radiologist peeping Tom admits fresh voyeurism rap

Doctor back in court


Dr Mark McClure leaves Lisburn court

Dr Mark McClure leaves Lisburn court

Dr Mark McClure leaves Lisburn court

A pervert radiologist has confessed to new charges of secretly recording women in the toilet.

Three years ago 52-year-old Mark McClure was put on probation for nine months when he admitted two charges of voyeurism after trying to record women in the loo of a private clinic on his mobile phone in February 2015.

Following an Interim Orders Panel at the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service, consultant radiologist McClure was allowed to continue to practise while the General Medical Council (GMC) carried out its investigation but with restrictions such as not being allowed to deal personally with patients.

"Dr McClure has had restrictions attached to his registration since these concerns first came to light in 2015. This currently includes strict conditions preventing direct contact with patients while we conclude our investigation," said the GMC.

His career is up in the air again after he entered guilty pleas to 11 counts of voyeurism committed on dates between July and December 2014.

The GMC said its investigations had been delayed while it awaited the conclusion of all criminal matters.

McClure's lawyers had tried to have the case dropped, arguing that due to the delay in bringing the case to court and the fact that McClure had rehabilitated himself, he could not get a fair trial, but on Thursday at Craigavon Crown Court Judge Patrick Lynch QC dismissed that application.

He said that while there had "manifestly been delay" in the case, which began when cops seized McClure's computer and a memory stick in 2015, the delay had not created any prejudice or unfairness for the defendant.

"I remind myself that these are serious criminal allegations and are not victimless crimes but involve injured parties surreptitiously caught on camera," added the judge, who said while some were not aware of it, "the stress of those who are aware is manifest from the statements".

Appearing at court via videolink, McClure, of Grange Road in Bangor, admitted 11 counts of voyeurism, eight referring to recording and three relating to him installing equipment or "adapting a structure."

Three female victims are named while others have not been identified.

During the judge's ruling, the court heard how they were filmed using toilet facilities, some of them at Craigavon Area Hospital. The recordings were uncovered on a computer and memory stick owned by McClure.

Judge Lynch said one of the victims was "concerned as to what use the material could be put to" or if McClure's covert recording had captured her baby daughter "using the potty."

In the offences he committed in February 2015 McClure stashed his iPhone in the air vent of the unisex toilet at Hillsborough Private Clinic.

A court heard how a staff member was told by McClure that he needed access to an air vent that looked into the unisex toilet, claiming his mobile phone had fallen into the vent.

The staff member was suspicious as what McClure was claiming was impossible because the vent was fixed to the wall, and they expressed their concerns to the practice manager.

On February 23 staff followed McClure and saw him going into a toilet but there was no sound of flushing. When the staff went to investigate the unisex toilet, they uncovered the mobile phone still recording behind the vent.

During interview, McClure admitted the phone was his, claiming he went back to get it as he realised he had made a "big mistake", but he denied committing any crime, claiming he had been under financial pressure and life stresses at the time.

He was handed a nine-month probation order after he pleaded guilty to two counts of voyeurism in that he "installed equipment or constructed or adapted a structure or part of a structure with the intention of enabling yourself or another to commit an offence under Article 71(1) of the Sexual Offences (Northern Ireland) Order."

That sentence meant that McClure did not have to sign the sex offenders' register.

After McClure's confessions on Thursday, defence QC Frank O'Donoghue told the judge he would be lodging a psychiatric report in addition to the pre-sentence probation report.

Freeing McClure on continuing bail, Judge Lynch said he would pass sentence on November 17.

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