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Rapist Murdock back in prison after losing appeal for flashing at Belfast neighbour


Darren Murdock

Darren Murdock

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Darren Murdock

A DANGEROUS rapist shot in his genitals in a so-called punishment attack is back behind bars after losing an appeal against a sentence for flashing his neighbour.

Darren Murdock (37) was sentenced to four months in jail in August after being convicted of repeatedly performing a sex act at the window of his south Belfast flat.

He was found guilty on two charges of exposing his genitals but subsequently released pending an appeal which was thrown out by a crown court judge on Friday.

During a brief hearing at Laganside Courthouse, Her Honour Judge Donna McColgan QC dismissed Murdock's appeal and said she had been minded to hand him a tougher sentence due to him taking the appeal but was swayed otherwise by his solicitor.

Judge McColgan said: "I was considering giving consecutive sentences for both counts but in light of submissions made I have decided to affirm sentences made at the lower court."

Murdock, who was not in attendance for the hearing, was ordered to surrender to custody to serve his four-month sentence for exposing himself to a female neighbour in the Ballynafeigh area of south Belfast in September 2019.

A court heard last year how he got into a "frenzied state" while performing a sex act on himself at the window of his downstairs flat.

His victim gave evidence from behind a screen and described how Murdock was naked from the waist down.

"He could tell I was frightened and continued," she said.

"He ran up towards to the window and again, quite frenzied at this stage, started pulling at his penis.

"He looked at me straight in the eye at that point, a dark look in his eyes."

Murdock denied the claims and insisted he "wouldn't masturbate to anybody", with his representatives claiming he could not have committed the act due to the height of the window.

Denying the charges at the time he claimed he had spent the day quietly at home watching cricket.

However, Judge Peter Magill rejected his version of events and said: "I'm entirely persuaded by the injured party that her evidence was nothing less than factually accurate and honest. Therefore I convict.

"There's a victim impact statement from the injured party which doesn't make happy reading.

"Essentially she says she's been left completely shaken, distressed and traumatised."

While on bail pending his appeal Murdock was moved to a Belfast hostel after furious locals found out he had been living at an address in the Torrens area of north Belfast, not far from where he had been shot in his private parts a decade earlier.

Murdock was shot and seriously wounded by dissident republicans in November 2010.

Earlier court proceedings heard the punishment-style shooting resulted in the loss of a testicle and significant scarring to his genitalia and thighs.

Masked Oglaigh na hEireann members forced their way into Murdock's then home in Ardoyne and blasted him five times in the stomach, groin and legs with a stolen PSNI handgun.

The attack occurred a short time after the pervert was freed from prison having served a 10-year sentence for the Boxing Day 'Good Samaritan' rape of a woman in north Belfast. She knew her attacker and had given him shelter from a snow storm.

Murdock rewarded his victim's kindness by punching her about the face and head, biting her on the face and forcing her to have oral sex before raping her.

Later that day he approached police officers, who were unaware of the incident because no complaint had been made, and made a full confession.

As well as being sentenced to 10 years' jail for the attack Murdock was given a two-year concurrent term for causing actual bodily harm and placed on the sex offenders' register for life.

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