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Rapist who got victim (12) pregnant back on Belfast streets


Conaire Adams Whyte outside court. Photo: Kevin Scott

Conaire Adams Whyte outside court. Photo: Kevin Scott

Kevin Scott / Belfast Telegraph

Conaire Adams Whyte outside court. Photo: Kevin Scott

A child rapist who got his victim pregnant has been spotted back walking the streets of his native west Belfast sparking fear among locals.

Conaire Adams-Whyte had been avoiding the area after being convicted three years ago of raping a 12-year-old schoolgirl who ended up having his baby.

The 23-year-old was jailed for 10 months for the sickening sex crime and has been keeping a low profile since getting out of prison.

But the paedophile has recently been seen on the Falls Road leading to concerns that he is back living in the area.

This was after Adams-Whyte was convicted at Belfast Magistrates' Court of unlawfully possessing the anxiety drug diazepam. He is currently on bail awaiting sentencing.

One local who saw the child sex predator said: "He had his face partially covered with a hood but it was definitely him.

"The last thing people round here want is a paedo walking the Falls Road, we've enough problems without having to deal with Conaire Adams-Whyte moving back here." Adams-Whyte had been living with a relative at a flat complex near Hamill Street, but left the property before Christmas when it had a window smashed by vigilantes.

He was also confronted by a group of angry parents who told him in no uncertain terms not to come back.

The paedophile's 2017 court case heard how he groomed and then raped his 12-year-old victim while she was being babysat in a west Belfast house by his mother.

A prosecution lawyer explained how Adams-Whyte kissed the child and removed her clothes before forcibly having sex with the schoolgirl.

When arrested he denied any wrongdoing, but a DNA test on the baby after it was born in April 2016 proved that he was the dad.

While on police bail Adams-Whyte fathered a second child with a different female.

Sentencing the predator, Judge Smyth said: "You were exposed to inappropriate influences which may explain your sexualisation as a young child yourself.

"In my view I find it likely that this contributed to this offending.

"If it were not for that fact I would have imposed a sentence of two years."

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