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Revealed: Secret trips to swimming pool for jailed killers Hazel Stewart and Lindsay White

By Sara Girvin

Northern Ireland’s deadliest women are ditching their dreary jail routines to go on cushy swimming trips to Bangor, Sunday Life can reveal.

Notorious female killers such as vile Lindsay White and double murderer Hazel Stewart are being bussed from Hydebank to go for a paddle at the Woodlands Juvenile Justice Centre in the seaside town on a weekly basis because prison bosses want to make sure they get “sufficient physical exercise”.

Situated on the Rathgael Road, the Woodlands facility houses 48 boys and girls aged between 10 and 17.

Ex-Hydebank inmate Nancy Orr spent six weeks in the company of the lady killers while serving time for disorderly behaviour.

She said that while many prisoners were keen to go swimming, the lifers got first dibs on the trips.

“You can only go swimming if you’re an enhanced prisoner and you’ve already been sentenced,” she said.

“I filled out an application form but was told I wasn’t in for long enough to go swimming.

“It’s a day out to Bangor, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were taking them for ice cream too.”

Nancy said inmates were told that if they didn’t have a swimming costume, a local priest would buy them one.

She said the father had bought a costume for evil Lindsay White who kicked a homeless Polish man to death in Newry in a a drunken rage and then used the 70p she stole from him to buy Buckfast and a Chinese takeaway.

“Before Lindsay was going swimming she was walking about on the prison landing modelling her swimming costume asking everyone what they thought of her,” Nancy said.

“You can imagine what that was like.”

Other deadly inmates who have been treated to a swimming trip according to Nancy include double killer Hazel Stewart and Julie McGinley who planned with lover Mick Monaghan to get rid of her husband Gerry.

“You kill someone and you get the high life,” she said.

“I wouldn’t like to be the families of the people they killed, finding out what they get up to.

“I still can’t believe convicted murderers are allowed to go to a facility full of vulnerable kids for a wee swim — it doesn’t make sense to me.”

A Prison Service spokesperson said: “As a shared male/female facility, Hydebank Wood limits our ability to provide sufficient access to physical exercise, particularly for female offenders.

“Use of the facility at Woodlands has allowed a small number of risk assessed females to take part in additional physical activity.

“The females are escorted from Hydebank Wood to Woodlands and are supervised at all times by Prison Service staff.”

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