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Revealed: The NI couple who secretly filmed and harassed innocent mum


Alwynn Magee and Marie Lindsay

Alwynn Magee and Marie Lindsay

Alwynn Magee and Marie Lindsay

THIS is the devious couple who carried out a "sustained and unrelenting campaign of harassment" against an innocent mother involving listening devices, covert surveillance and accessing her medical records.

Over four years the victim was secretly filmed, had a listening device planted in her child's schoolbag and was the subject of malicious reports.

Her medical records were also illegally accessed in a hospital with the offending taking place between 2012 and 2016.

Hospital worker Alwyn Magee (58) and his partner Marie Lindsay (50) both of Hillview Park, Enniskillen, admitted making false reports to police, the NSPCC and the victim's workplace superiors last week and were both handed suspended sentences.

In addition Magee abused his position as a member of staff at South West Acute Hospital to access confidential medical details of the victim and her family, and planted the listening device.

When approached by Sunday Life yesterday about their crimes the cowardly couple hid behind the blinds of their Hillview Park home in Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh.

The pair had placed a hand-written sign in their porch window insisting they did not want to speak to journalists and told our man to "go away" or they would phone the police.

Enniskillen Magistrates' Court sitting in Dungannon heard last week the victim and Magee had a child together but separated in 2010 with Magee taking custody two weekends a month and several afternoons a week.

Harassment commenced a year later with the victim hounded by both Magee and his partner Lindsay.

During this period scheming Magee made 28 covert recordings, two of which involved him questioning the child on the victim's movements.


In 2015 the victim discovered a listening device in the child's schoolbag which forensic examination established was activated by dialling a number to "listen in". Calls were traced to Lindsay's phone on 72 occasions lasting a total of five hours 32 minutes.

The shameless pair maintained they were concerned for the child's safety but it later emerged he had custody on some of the dates the device was activated.

The court also heard Lindsay had conducted her own campaign of harassment. She anonymously contacted the NSPCC alleging the victim was physically and emotionally abusing the child which was fully investigated and dismissed.

An allegation of a fraud was also untrue as were numerous reports to police.

Lindsay fabricated complaints to the victim's workplace manager, stating during one she would "let the community know".

The offences specific to Magee involved him accessing the personal medical records of the victim and her family while he worked as a hospital laboratory assistant. The Western Trust launched an investigation and disciplinary proceedings but Magee resigned before these were completed.

Sentencing them district judge Eamon King said: "In all my years as a judge I have yet to hear such a catalogue of harassment by two individuals against another person… It beggars belief.

"Prison is the only sentence and it's on the cusp of immediate custody."

Both Magee and Lindsay were sentenced to five months imprisonment suspended for three years, and placed under restraining orders, for the same period.

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