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Robbie Williams showed Julian Simmons his pants at UTV


PODCAST: Julian Simmons

PODCAST: Julian Simmons

PODCAST: Julian Simmons

Julian Simmons has told how pop star Robbie Williams once unzipped his trousers to show him his pants.

It happened when the singer was at Havelock House with Take That for an appearance on UTV's Kelly show.

Julian (69) said: “Robbie said to me, ‘Will you take me down and show me how to get out?’

“Because as you know, UTV’s corridors were a rabbit warren. I said, ‘Well, we’ll go quick.’

“So I’m taking him down the stairs and he says to me, ‘That’s a lovely smell. What have you got on?’

“I said, ‘It’s Obsession [the fragrance by Calvin Klein],’ because I used Obsession all the time.

“He said, ‘Obsession? Wait ‘til you see.’

“And in the middle of the lobby he unzipped his pants and I thought, ‘Christ, what’s going to happen here?’

“He pulled out his underpants with Calvin Klein on the top of them.

“He said, ‘See, that’s Calvin Klein.’ I said, ‘Yes, put it away now.’

“So that’s my claim to fame. Robbie Williams has shown me his underpants, of his own accord.”


CHEEKY: Robbie Williams

CHEEKY: Robbie Williams

CHEEKY: Robbie Williams

Speaking to comic Shane Todd on his podcast, Julian said the late comedian Bernie Winters was the worst passenger he ever had in his other career as a flight attendant.

He explained: “He turned up less than 40 minutes before the flight and the seats that had been allocated for him had been released and given to somebody else.

“He was vile. Vile. I had to pull out all the stops to keep my professionalism as much as I could.

“I would never hit them, but I’ve glowered at people when the people have been really obnoxious.”

In a wide-ranging interview, he also revealed that he once pushed a pram up a street during a bomb scare, fearing that a deadly device might be inside.

But the TV presenter credited the terrible times of the Troubles for forcing him to overcome shyness so that he could raise the spirits of terrified colleagues.

He said: “It’s very nice to think that people really feel they know me because I feel I’ve achieved something then.

“At one stage, before I actually joined Air Canada, I was painfully shy, believe it or not.

“And then in the travel agency I started to perform, especially when there was bombs,

“The typists on the top floor were terrified and crying and it was my job to set the alarm off and bring them down from the fifth floor.

“The typists on the top floor were more terrified by the alarm than any 100lb bomb.

“I remember running down the stairs one day. As I opened the door — and the army had said there were reports of a suspicious package — and I looked there was a pram with nobody in it.

“I goes, ‘Oh, Jesus’ and I pushed it away up the street.

“Then this woman came running down the stairs with a baby, but I didn’t know that, you see.”

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