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Skint sugar daddies leave nothing but a sour taste

Inside the seedy scene where men offer hard-up students money, clothes and dinner in exchange for sex.

By Ali Gordon

Meet Northern Ireland’s newest sugar daddies offering money, clothes and dinner in exchange for sex.

It took less than two minutes to find multiple local men advertising their services on popular buy and sell site Craigslist.

Posing as a hard-up student who had just moved out of her parents’ home, I was soon being called “baby girl” by a Co Down man who went by the name of “bad daddy”.

After replying to the 42-year-old’s ad for a ‘daddy’s girl’ who could be his ‘princess... his treasured possession’, the self-proclaimed ‘discreet daddy’ told me creepily: “If you’re a good little girl, you never know what daddy would give you.”

We agreed to meet in a Belfast bar for a coffee where, upon arrival, the would be charmer, dressed in a well-worn black tracksuit and matching trainers, pulled me tight and squeezed my bottom.

It started badly and it was about to get worse.

He was more Poundland pervert than suave older man.

I expressed my nerves and said I wasn’t sure how having a sugar daddy would work as it was my first experience of such an arrangement.

“Personally, I can’t say the same,” he said before describing his relationship with his former sugar baby.

“The last time I did this was in October of last year.

“She wasn’t long turning 24 but had only been with two fellas so wanted a bit more experience and I was only too glad to help her out.

“I’ve no reason to disbelieve her, but she told me there was a family problem so that was fine for me.”

After telling me that he had his own business and was currently in the process of buying his own house in our earlier messages, I was expecting a more respectable character. Instead, I had found myself a single dad with barely any teeth who still lived at home with his elderly parents.

“If you hear of a police report of the murder of two elderly people in Co Down, it’s me,” he said.

“That’s probably not the best thing to say to your potential sugar baby,” I replied.

Brushing it off, he began to describe the relationship he “loved” with his most recent sugar baby.

“I didn’t have to exchange money with her but I did have to replace a couple of pairs of tights — I was impatient.

“The best description for something like this is ‘friends with benefits’,” he suggested.

The “Comber spud”, who claimed to “fix the problems that the DIY kings wreck”, added: “I have had submissives and younger girls but a proper sugar baby like you would be a first.

“I’m sure we could both work around it and make some adjustments.

“I have bought girls underwear and taken them out for dinner though so I guess that’s the same thing.

“I’ll be honest though, I just like young girls.”

When I asked what kind of arrangement he would be keen to make, he said: “Well, you know I’m normal so the simplest thing to do would be what you are prepared to do.

“I’ll take you for dinner, for coffee and we can discuss whatever else you would want. I can treat you to the odd bit of clothing too — clothing that you could actually wear in public, as well as the other stuff.”

On parting ways, he reminded me to add him as a friend on picture-sharing app Snapchat  and instant messaging service Kik before saying: “Be good now,” and winking.

Once outside, he tried to plant a kiss on my lips in the middle of a busy city centre street.

“Aw, no, don’t turn me down in public,” he said upon refusal.

“Are you scared I’ll mess up your makeup?”

One thing I quickly learned in my week posing as a sugar baby is that every man I spoke to was not just as blunt as the “bad daddy” I had met up.

A 23-year-old from Belfast, who claimed to have recently gained full-time employment after graduating, offered me “handy money” in exchange for “lunch, drink and sex.”

The young sugar daddy describes himself as “sound and sane” and claims in his advert to be “looking to reward skint students”.

Hoping to arrange “nothing too fixed or serious”, it wasn’t long before I was sent pictures of him sailing on a boat and he was requesting images of me.

Revealing that his social life was non-existent due to heavy work commitments, he told me he understood how expensive being a student could be and so was happy to reward me for my time, whether it be for sex or just company.

Another Belfast man also said he would “adore and spoil” me if I was keen to meet up with him because I “deserved to be treated as such”.

But some potential sugar daddies were slightly more forthcoming with their sexual requests, including a 33-year-old “fat hairy daddy” from Lisburn who offered me a “play mate” that would look after me if I was willing to perform cyber sex in return for presents.

While I may have received a number of requests from potential sugar daddies looking for all sorts of relationships in exchange for money and gifts, the whole experience left a bad taste.

My overall impression was that Northern Ireland’s so-called ‘sugar daddies’ — at least those advertising online — are mostly just cheapskates looking for easy sex but unwilling to pay the going rate for a proper prostitute.

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