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'Something in the air,' says Tyrone's Dancing with Stars star Cliona Hagan over Snapchat 'interesting pics'

Exclusive country star hit up with x-rated pics

Cliona Hagan and Vitali Kozmin during the Sixth live show of Dancing With The Stars.
Cliona Hagan and Vitali Kozmin during the Sixth live show of Dancing With The Stars.
Cliona Hagan and Vitali Kozmin during the Sixth live show of Dancing With The Stars.
Cliona Hagan and Vitali Kozmin during the Sixth live show of Dancing With The Stars.
Helen Carson

By Helen Carson

Co Tyrone country singer Cliona Hagan's sexy Samba on Dancing With The Stars Ireland has attracted saucy snaps from male fans.

The 29-year-old blonde beauty scored the first 10 of the series last weekend with her Shakira-inspired dance moves - and it seems a growing band of male admirers think she's pretty perfect too.

Cliona, who is the show's first contestant from Northern Ireland, says her Snapchat account is being inundated with some rather revealing pictures from men.

"My Snapchat is set to public and I have a private account for my friends," she says. "And yes I have been getting some interesting pictures - that's the nicest way to say it. I don't know why that is. Maybe there is something in the air?

"When they (fans) send me their body parts, which I really don't want to see, I block straight away."

But it's not the first time she's been sent X-rated pictures. "I've always got pics like that but I think more people have discovered me now that I'm on Dancing With The Stars."

The country singer, from Ballinderry in Co Tyrone, says she was "over the moon" to be awarded the first 10 of the series. "I absolutely loved doing the Samba - shaking my hips and throwing my arms up in the air. It was so much fun. I never knew I could dance like that - at one stage I felt like Shakira. It was just so cool."

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She also swapped her usual pro partner Robert Rowinski for Vitali Kozmin as part of Switch-up week for the performance. "Dancing with one professional dancer is amazing but to dance with two is something else," she says.

With Cliona now a serious contender for lifting the coveted Glitterball trophy, she says her family is so proud of her. "Oh my God they are so happy for me and just supporting me all the way."

And she's upping the ante, rehearsing daily with Robert from 10am to 9.30pm.

"I really want to push myself as far as possible and do it for all the people who have been generous enough to support me," says Cliona.

Fancy footwork aside, the singer says: "I really want to show everyone, especially young women, that you can be anything you want to.

"Country singing isn't just for men, the ladies can do it too. It's an incredible genre in music and I really want people to see how proud I am to be part of it."

Cliona shrugs off reports she is giving the show's favourite Love/Death actor Johnny Ward a run for his money. "It's lovely that people are saying that about me but I am just concentrating on improving," she says.

"All the celebrities are brilliant but you can psyche yourself out looking at what everyone else is doing," she adds.

"I'm loving every minute of taking part in Dancing With The Stars - I don't want it to end. It's a lovely environment to be working in - and you get to shake your booty on the dancefloor. I've made new friendships with everyone." Cliona topped the leaderboard during the live show and is revelling being on the stage saying the energy from the audience spurs her on to a better performance.

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