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Strongman paedophile Dave Parkinson refuses to move out of sheltered home

'No one wants that monster living here,' says angry resident


Serial paedophile 'Mighty' Dave Parkinson

Serial paedophile 'Mighty' Dave Parkinson

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Serial paedophile 'Mighty' Dave Parkinson

A notorious child rapist is refusing to leave a sheltered housing complex despite other residents' pleas.

'Big' Dave Parkinson, a former Guinness world record-holding strongman, moved into the complex in north Belfast after being freed from prison.

The 77-year-old pervert, who is originally from Fermanagh, served a 15-year sentence for a string of sex attacks on girls as young as six, including three rapes.

He first showed up at the sheltered accommodation several weeks ago, befriending locals who had no idea about his past.

His true nature was only discovered in recent days, prompting pleas to housing chiefs from the paedophile's worried neighbours to relocate him.

But their calls have so far fallen on deaf ears, with one resident telling Sunday Life: "When I complained about being forced to live next to a child rapist, I was told that I should put in for a transfer if I didn't like it.

"No one wants that monster living here, people just don't feel safe near him."

Last weekend red graffiti branding Parkinson "Dave the paedophile" and "child creep" appeared outside his home. Other messages, quickly painted over by the housing association, included "may you rot in hell Dave Parkinson", and "dead man".

Parkinson, who lived in Brookebrough before being jailed, rarely ventures outside the complex, spending hours on end doing laps of a courtyard.


David Parkinson

David Parkinson

David Parkinson

Neighbours have also seen him exercising with makeshift weights, including two buckets filled with water which he attaches to a brush shaft to do squats.

"Even though he is well into his 70s, he is still a big strong fella," said one of the residents.

When Parkinson first arrived he tried to win over his neighbours by doing odd jobs.

It was only after learning his full name and checking on the internet that they realised one of Northern Ireland's most notorious paedophiles was living in their midst.

"The residents couldn't believe it when they found out, then it dawned on everyone why he was being so nice and then became so shifty when anyone asked about his background," added our source.

"We've all complained to the housing association about him being here, but it's like talking to a brick wall."

After residents found out about Parkinson's background and his flat was targeted in a graffiti attack, the housing association put a security guard in the building.

The housing association told Sunday Life it is unable to comment on individual cases due to tenant confidentiality but stressed "the safety of our tenants and the wider community is of paramount importance to us".

Before being jailed in 2009, the pervert was a minor celebrity thanks to his strongman feats.

In 1974 he entered the Guinness Book of Records when he became the world beer barrel-lifting champion during the World Beer Show at Earls Court in London.

For the next 35 years he toured the country doing power-lifts and appearing on TV, his outwardly affable personality masking a horrific secret: he was raping children.

Jailing Parkinson for 15 years, Judge Piers Grant said he had "hidden behind the facade of decency and reputation" to carry out the "outrageous offences".

He was convicted of 17 sex crimes, including three rapes of primary school children during a four-year period in the early 1990s.

Parkinson, described as being "like a giant to small children", forced one of his victims to watch a pornographic video before raping her, warning the terrified child that her family would "disappear" if she told anyone.

He lured victims to his home by throwing cash over a wall and encouraging children to follow the money.

The judge who handled the case said a lengthy custodial sentence was the only suitable punishment and added there was a "very real risk" the pervert would reoffend.

Speaking after the trial, one of Parkinson's victims said: "No one should have to suffer that. I suffered it long enough. I'm pleased with the sentence but just relieved it's over."

That case was the second time Parkinson had been convicted of abusing children.

In 2007 he was jailed for two years for indecently assaulting an eight-year-old girl.

His new home is a sheltered housing scheme with dozens of apartments that offer support for older people.

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