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The showbiz world has lost a star in Caroline Flack, but I have lost a friend

Kelly Allen


Kelly Allen and Caroline Flack

Kelly Allen and Caroline Flack

Kelly Allen and Caroline Flack

The showbiz world has lost a star but I have lost a friend.

I am heartbroken as I have known Caroline Flack for more than 12 years and have such great memories of her. We first met at a charity fundraiser for her local pub the Hawley Arms in Camden in 2008. Amy Winehouse also turned up to the bash.

We immediately hit it off chatting about her stint on Big Brother’s Big Mouth and about jobs that she was hoping to get. I was new to the showbiz beat and thrilled to gossip with an up and coming star. We added each other on Facebook and frequently chatted over messages about love, life and careers.

I championed her for the Xtra Factor job and consoled her when she was passed over for Konnie Huq. Everyone was thrilled when she finally got the job and even went on to host the main show.

Even in times of woes she was also trying to help her friends and entertain others

Over the years she always greeted me at any showbiz party with a smile - but wasn’t beyond scolding me when she didn’t agree with stories I or publications I worked for had written. I can remember her being annoyed by a story someone else on the team had done about her and her ex Harry Styles.

But ultimately she always helped me out whether it was with an interview or a personal favour. She filmed a special Love Island video for me for my brother Curtis’ wedding apologising for looking so bad as she had a cold. In the days that followed she admitted her puffy eyes were actually in fact caused by her break-up with her then fiancé Andrew Brady. Even in times of woes she was also trying to help her friends and entertain others.

We partied together all over the world at festivals and concerts. I even jetted out to Majorca to hang out with her at the Love Island villa in 2017.

The last time I saw her was in Soho House White City supporting her Strictly pal Louise Redknapp’s album release in September 2019.

She was full of life singing along and dancing. She was always championing her mates. She had a huge heart. She reached out to me when I was heartbroken over an ex cheating advising me to remember “it’s cool to be single” adding “I know the heart break is the hardest but it will get better.”

I wish she could have taken her own advice.

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