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Third season of Derry Girls could be the last, says sitcom's star Kathy Kiera Clarke

With third series likely to be last, Belfast actress hints at a silver screen swansong for cult comedy


Kathy Kiera Clarke at the Baftas

Kathy Kiera Clarke at the Baftas

Kathy Kiera Clarke at the Baftas

Derry Girls star Kathy Kiera Clarke reckons the third series of the hit show will be its last but believes a movie is the best way for the girls to bow out.

The Belfast actress, best known for her portrayal of Aunt Sarah in the award-winning comedy, revealed that the forthcoming series which begins filming in May will have six hour-long episodes and an hour-long special at the end.

She also revealed fans are surprised that she is nothing like her pseudo-psychic character.

Kathy told Sunday Life: "It's so funny people still remember me and the show so vividly, it does surprise me still but there is something about the show which was unlike any other job I have ever done.

"It was so wonderful, Lisa McGee created such a lovely show and I honestly believe it's down to the writing. The response across the world has taken us all back.


Kathy Kiera Clarke in Derry Girls

Kathy Kiera Clarke in Derry Girls

Kathy Kiera Clarke in Derry Girls

"I always knew the script was great and there was a point during filming where we thought it could be something special and it is.

"We're going for a third series in May, six hour-long episodes and an hour-long special, and I think that will be it after that.

"There's talk of a film but I know as much as anyone else about that. It would be nice because it might be difficult to put those characters to bed otherwise because we have all gotten so used to them.

"People do expect me to be like Aunt Sarah when I meet them, I had someone say to me, 'You're so different to your character!' which is a shame as part of me thinks I'd quite like to live in Aunt Sarah's bubble.

"People say it to me all the time which is nice.

"It's a strange thing to be identified with a character in that way, I have been an actress for 27 years and played in Macbeth etc but each job is invested with the same amount of energy so it's strange when one character becomes so identified with you.

"Whenever I'm back in Belfast people come up to me to talk about the show and how much they love it and I'm just like, 'I know! I know! I love it too!'

"It's brought so much joy to so many people, we've had 12 episodes and the impact they've had is remarkable."

Kathy recently starred in a new BBC adaptation of Agatha Christie's The Pale Horse.

The fourth Agatha Christie adaptation by writer Sarah Phelps - now available on BBC iPlayer - proved somewhat controversial, however, with the Agatha Christie Society saying they were "very disappointed" about the use of profanity in the show.

Kathy, who played witch Sybil Stamfordis, said: "This one is a little different, Sarah Phelps has used her own imagination to a certain degree and some Agatha Christie fans expect things to be

a certain way. I believe it's been very well-received mostly. I'm not on social media so I don't get the immediate feedback that others might in that way but I gather some fans expect certain things from the adaptations and we have to be mindful of that.

"I've been shown a few funny posts on Twitter about me, some people had said it was great to see Aunt Sarah had got another job after her tarot reading course, that did make me laugh!

"There's kind of a social commentary running through the show and when I first read it, I just absolutely loved it.

"There's also a supernatural element to it which makes it a bit different.

"It's quite dark and to get the chance to play a witch was something I was really delighted to do and working with the team was great, it was just a lovely job actually.


The Pale Horse. Thyrza Grey (SHEILA ATIM), Sybil Stamfordis (KATHY KIERA CLARKE), Bella (RITA TUSHINGHAM)

The Pale Horse. Thyrza Grey (SHEILA ATIM), Sybil Stamfordis (KATHY KIERA CLARKE), Bella (RITA TUSHINGHAM)

Mammoth Screen 2019/Ben Blackall

The Pale Horse. Thyrza Grey (SHEILA ATIM), Sybil Stamfordis (KATHY KIERA CLARKE), Bella (RITA TUSHINGHAM)

"The casting of the three witches on the show was unique, I felt completely supported by the other actors and working as a unit like that was a real treat.

"The whole team was great to work with, Rufus Sewell was lovely and we had gorgeous settings in and around Bristol for filming.

"It's set in summertime and because the three witches are all together, we just had a lovely time.

"For something so dark and off-kilter we had a really good time making it, we just kept making each other laugh the whole time."

Kathy has also just joined the cast of the crime drama Bloodlands for BBC One, which is currently being filmed in Northern Ireland.

It also stars James Nesbitt, who Kathy appeared with in the Bloody Sunday film, as Northern Irish police detective Tom Brannick and Ian McElhinney, who plays the grandad in Derry Girls.

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