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Throat slasher in fresh knife charge

Attempted murderer 'beat and threatened girlfriend'


John Paul Walker

John Paul Walker

John Paul Walker

A man jailed 20 years ago for slashing an ex-girlfriend's throat has appeared in court accused of threatening his most recent partner with a knife.

John Paul Walker "produced a large bread knife" and threatened to slit the woman's throat, a detective constable told a bail hearing at Lisburn Magistrates' Court.

The 41-year-old, from Meganlis Park in Dromore, is alleged to grabbed the woman's hair and "punched her repeatedly in the ribs", with evidence suggesting she suffered multiple fractures.

He also prevented her from leaving the property where the attack is said to have taken place, the court was told.

The defendant, who appeared at the hearing via videolink from police custody, is charged with causing actual bodily harm, making threats to kill and false imprisonment in relation to an incident on September 22.

When the allegations were put to him during a police interview, Walker "made counter allegations that he was also subjected to domestic-related assaults on multiple occasions".

Objecting to the granting of bail, the detective constable said that the defendant was jailed in 2000 for the attempted murder of his former girlfriend and that he had been assessed as a "high-risk domestic violence offender" with convictions both north and south of the border.

Defence lawyer Michael Chambers said his client was freed on bail after being questioned about the incident, only to be jailed after his release licence was revoked two weeks later.

"Nothing was done while he was in custody and he eventually maxed out his licence. He was released on Monday or Sunday but was re-arrested for these allegations," he added.

The lawyer stressed that in the two weeks Walker had been free, he neither contacted the complainant nor committed any crimes.

"The reality is that this case will likely stay at magistrates' court level," Mr Chambers said.

"By the time it's dealt with, he will have served more than the equivalent maximum sentence."

Freeing the defendant on bail of £500 and adjourning the case to August 5, District Judge Amanda Brady ordered him to stay at his own address, to have no contact with the complainant and to stay away from where she lives.

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